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UPDATED: From “Boxes to Bitches”- Tinder’s Former VPM Whitney Wolfe & The Sociopathic Business Model™

UPDATED: From “Boxes to Bitches”- Tinder’s Former VPM Whitney Wolfe & The Sociopathic Business Model™

UPDATED:  November 4, 2014 Tinder Forced Accountability on CEO Sean Rad:  DEMOTED 

UPDATED July 14, 2014

Google’s executive Forrest Timothy Hayes, a married man of 17 years with five children, dying of a heroin overdose with a prosititute again not doing much to help the image of Silicon Valley men and their lack of respect for women.

Demonstrating the tone deafness of the startup app market a new Tinder-esque app from “futurologist” Ben Way Alphamatchmaking is out for our pleasure according to Tech Crunch.  FYI and here’s another reason this is a stupid app below is Alphamatch (already taken-appropriately):


Match Box was Tinder’s first go at a name (you know those guys got such a kick out of the idea the rest of us would be too stupid to have picked up on the double entendre-or extremely sexist name-or you know copyright infringement). Thank goodness some adult there went with “Tinder” instead.  Like any of those little wicks could really light up a box! From “boxes to bitches” we really see what these tech founders think of women.

July 1, 2014

If you’re a regular reader here, today’s latest Tinder news, where CMO Justin Mateen and co-founder was suspended by his company after they were sued by former VP of Marketing Whitney Wolfe on grounds of sexual discrimination and sexual harassment, you’re not shocked that it likely happened you’re shocked they moved swiftly.

And as this site has pointed out repeatedly, that if a company (especially) a startup is willing to overlook EEOC violations there is likely far more unethical or illegal activity going on at the company.  This is actually a trigger to The Sociopathic Business Model™.

EEOC Violations lead to other unethical or illegal activity killing my careerEEOC 2012*

Breakdown of EEOC from 2009-2013 broken down per State and Claim

Marketing Vice President Whitney Wolfe alleges the company’s top executives mistreated her, devalued her role, and eventually pushed her out with their discriminatory behavior.  Whitney Wolfe and Tinder CMO Justin Mateen were in a relationhsip at one point and he was her boss. Yahoo!


Inconsistent & Contradictory language to actions:

Manipulation & not recognizing the right’s of others:

Accomplice v. Victim Model established: 

CEO Sean Rad and CMO Justin Mateen stripped Whitney Wolfe of her title as co-founder (she alleges because of her gender.)

How is someone a co-founder one day and not the next?  You’re either a co-founder or you aren’t.

Created Hoplessness in Victim:

Created an Unhappy Work Environment:

Demeaning & Insulting:

Mateen called Wolfe “a desperate loser.”

Mateen  told Tinder employees she was an alcoholic.

When Mateen called her a “whore” in front of other Tinder employees, Wolfe resigned.

Lack of Accountability, Remorse, Shame or Guilt:

Wolfe did bring the matter to Rad’s attention a number of times. When she complained to Rad, her complaints were ignored. Rad seemed to be aware of the harassing messages, mostly via text, that Wolfe was receiving from Mateen. However, he told Wolfe her job was to “keep [Mateen] calm” and that she was was acting like a “dramatic or emotional girl.”

And to add insult to injury from Tinder’s parent company (IAC) more inconsistent & contradictory language to actions:

Tinder’s parent company, InterActiveCorp, as a defendant. IAC has acted swiftly, suspending Mateen as the investigation progresses. IAC has already determined that messages Mateen sent to Wolfe were “inappropriate.” However, an IAC spokesperson told ReutersWe unequivocally condemn these messages but believe that Ms. Wolfe’s allegations with respect to Tinder and its management are unfounded.

Whitney Wolfe has Tinder and IAC scrambling but even from the little data we’ve been able to collect-she’s a victim of EEOC violations and a victim of The Sociopathic Business Model™.  Maybe Ms. Wolfe’s attorneys will want to look to the latest Supreme Court ruling where Hobby Lobby-if a Company can be viewed as a “person” to take away an employee’s rights by the same token couldn’t she sue her former employer for taking on the characteristics of a sociopath?   

To read the text messages: Mashable

  • Lola Sorento

    I think this guy is as shallow and superfifical as they come! he is probably guilty of evrything, I found lots of his photos here http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/breaking-news/justin-mateen-tinder-co-founder-whitney-wolfes-ex-boyfriend/ thruth is they are a bunch of kids running that company no real execs

    July 2, 2014 at 11:19 am
  • Pastor Jim

    Sounds like you have some insight into some med device startups, so your experience may or may not match mine. In the last 10 years I’ve been in and out of several software startups — some successful, most not — and it’s truly seemed like the wild, wild west.

    Despite the popular mythology of exuberant, free-spirited youthful programmers happily working 20 hours a day in sunny lofts fully equipped with chrome espresso machines, Aeron thrones, and all kinds of nerf toys, the reality is, sadly, much different. Most of the time you’re in a dark, cheap industrial park hangar equipped high end computers and low end creature comforts, complete with stale air and echoing concrete floors. When you’re not in a sheer panic of exhaustion trying to meet some arbitrary deadline for a show-and-tell the CEO or marketing guy has cooked up, mostly you pound a keyboard in the grip of relentless fear. Fear of missing out to someone else with a similar idea or to superior technology which beats you to the market, fear of the system not working or not working well enough, fear you can’t make your rent on what little bit of loot you’re able to take out of the shrinking pot of money the group has allotted for “salaries”, fear of users not adopting the system and especially fear of losing funding. EVERYTHING revolves around funding. Start ups will do ANYTHING to keep that funding going. Anything.

    To complicate this picture, there are a variety of dysfunctional personalities that are drawn to management in software startups. The idea of “instant money” from invisible bits spinning on a disk somewhere is like the new alchemy: gold from lead; money for nothing!

    Psychopathic business model? Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Like a duck to water, they swim in psychopathy…most of ’em anyway.

    July 2, 2014 at 2:10 pm
  • Sounds like a great idea for a TV series to me, a terrific drama!

    November 4, 2014 at 7:03 pm

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