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Tinder: No Admission of Wrong Doing Doesn’t Mean There Wasn’t Any Wrongdoing

Tinder: No Admission of Wrong Doing Doesn’t Mean There Wasn’t Any Wrongdoing

September 8, 2014

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Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder at Tinder, was suing her former employer and CMO Justin Mateen on grounds of sexual discrimination and sexual harassment, when it was reported today by Gawker that the case settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with no admission of wrongdoing.  That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any wrongdoing however.

This case settled quickly for any number of reasons:  the negative publicity could hurt the company image, the longer it stays in the press the more likely others may come forward strengthening the original case or discovery could unearth a lot more unethical or illegal activity that a company would want to keep suppressed.


It’s not known why Tinder/IAC settled quickly; but, as this site has pointed out when a company overlooks an employee’s EEOC rights, it’s usually a sign that tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™ are employed where unethical or illegal behavior is not only replicated, it’s encouraged and rewarded.


It will be interesting to see if other cases of sex, race or retaliation claims come forward from Tinder employees; and, more telling if there are fraud allegations down the road.  It will also be telling if Mateen gets to keep his job (updated he resigns) or if they’ll just put him through the obligatory “Sensitvity Training,” for a rinse and repeat. Congratulations to Ms. Wolfe for the #ForcedAccountability she exacted on Tinder, ICA and her abuser Justin Mateen. Again, just because the company did not admit to wrongdoing doesn’t mean there wasn’t any wrongdoing.

Mateen resigned from Tinder in the wake of the lawsuit, a source unauthorized to speak publicly about the situation said Monday. Tinder declined to comment, and a call to a number listed for Mateen wasn’t answered. LA Times

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