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Timing Is Everything: Social Media for Business

Timing Is Everything: Social Media for Business

August 5, 2015

Social media for business is confusing to many because not all mediums are necessary for all businesses.   In the next few months look for a comprehensive breakdown that compares and contrasts different social media specific to marketing goals.  Here’s a little help in the meantime to get the creativity churning:

Curate unique images that support the business message.

The image may attract an audience to a post but unless there’s substance to support the image readers or customers will move on quickly and often negatively.

Creatively adapting editorial images specific to your business adds an element of whismsical sophistication.

For more ideas on images for websites, marketing campaigns or business development:  Read Here

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This site has often and correctly cautioned to stay in your lane when it comes to marketing vs branding; however, as a consultant it’s important to provide clients with real world feedback which at a minimum requires transparency coupled with exacting experimentation with social media.


In order to help increase #productivity and #accountability in a #work #environment think about utilizing office space differently or ideal for a collaborative meeting space or for client meetings.

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Same image: Instagram was more personal and Facebook more business minded. In the next few months look for a comprehensive breakdown that’s compares and contrasts social media specific to marketing goals.


Packaging and design should not be overlooked when marketing to clients.  The Boucheron diamond bracelet video above is an excellent (albeit expensive) example of quality in design from start to finish where no detail was missed. Click in the center of the post above to see excellence in action.  Appropriately adapt similar quality and style in a business model to reflect your company’s products or services favorably.  Use services like Repost for Instagram to properly attribute credit when possible.



Support others because you like their work or message and not because you want something in return. Trade is common in the startup business model but should be transparently stated if endorsements are provided in exchange. This site has written about other businesses as a means to demonstrate live Case Studies or ways to adapt ideas for broader business reach but never with the expectation or in exchange of products in return.  Ethical companies will state such information transparently.

Use social media to gain active feedback for upcoming marketing campaigns and help fine-tune before launch.


Creative design elements from business cards to web design should be consistent. #Marketing #BusinessDevelopment #Startups

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Create impact with strong images. #BusinessDevelopment #Websites #Designs #Startups #Marketing   A photo posted by KillingMyCareer (@melaynalokosky) on

And remember timing is everything:

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