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#TheMonumentsMustGo…to Museums

#TheMonumentsMustGo…to Museums

August 17, 2017

The United States has a pathological history of encouraging, replicating and rewarding unethical and illegal behavior, often highlighted in symbols and monuments. Our history is no different than those of ancient Europe or Greece, except our country is only 241 years old. Unspeakable things were done throughout history and there are monuments that remain as a reminder from coliseums to castles.

Traveling Women’s Sufferage taken at National Museum of American History taken during my November 2016 trip to DC. This symbol of strength and progress means less if the struggle to get there also isn’t represented in history visually.  A lot of history angers me, it also motives me to create positive change by forcing accountability.

Negative truthful images of historical reference remain so that we can remember the unspeakable horror that many of our ancestors endured and as a reminder that many of our ancestors were responsible for exacting unspeakable horrors on others. We have to be held accountable to our history, including the negative truthful, painful elements.

Greensboro Lunch Counter picture taken at National Museum of American History during my trip to DC in November 2016. I was not taught this in history growing up.This symbol of strength and change is not as strong if the struggle to get there is erased from history.

There are only two categories of people: ABUSIVE & NON-ABUSIVE: Everything else is just an sub-category (adjective/gender/race/political affiliation/religion) to describe the main category which is people are fundamentally either Abusive or Non-Abusive
Abusive people fall into one areas: Selective Tolerance A, Selective Tolerance B or Professional Victim
The ACLU defends the free speech rights of Nazi’s and the Ku Klux Klan because “racism and bigotry will not be eradicated if we merely force them underground.” The First Amendment cannot be used as sword or shield to justify or rationalize violence. Violence — even when accompanied by speech — does not garner the protection of the First Amendment. It is also true that the airing of ideas — no matter how repugnant or loathsome — does not necessarily lead to violence.
As it relates to Ethics on Firing Racist Protesters  (doesn’t address the legal burden-could someone have been mistakenly photographed, etc.)
Shorter: Hate Speech is protected under the First Amendment, violence is never protected under the First Amendment. These concepts are not mutually exclusive or inclusive and that’s a problem for abusive people on the extremes who like to manipulate facts for their own agendas.  Supporting the First Amendment is NOT same as supporting the right’s of Nazi’s and the Ku Klux Klan.



  1. Think either because they haven’t experienced something (racism/sexism/discrimination) that it doesn’t exist (Selective Tolerance A).
  2. Or that their preferences are the only acceptable preferences (religion/politics/sexual orientation) and all others should be removed as options (Selective Tolerance B).
  3. Or those that pathologically lack in self-awareness, manipulate facts without shame, remorse and expect forgiveness despite lack of accountability.  
NON-ABUSIVE Recognize the difference between fact and preference and allow others to express their preferences without injecting their own agenda or trying to change or convert others to their way of thinking. 

If you read that tweet and immediately thought of the left OR the right, you’re part of the problem, not the solution. The failure to recognize that there are abusive people in every gender, political party, race, or adjective sub-category, is the problem. The extremes of both sides of the political spectrum have knowingly and willingly misappropriated & manipulated protests to force a preference-based agenda while not recognizing the rights of others all to justify breaking the law. Neither side is protected by the First Amendment once violence, destruction or other illegal activity enters the picture.   Protesting is no longer an action, it’s an abusive reaction. Protests have unethically become the image of falsely creating change void of any substantive actions to go about creating positive change.

My favorite is when someone complains that we can’t determine what qualifies as abusive behavior. Wrong, that’s exactly what abusive people say when they want to continue their abusive behavior without shame, remorse guilt or accountability.

We cannot and should not erase our history. Scrubbing the earth of monuments that represent encouraging, replicating and rewarding unethical and illegal parts of our history doesn’t change it. And even today the United States is still encouraging, replicating and rewarding unethical and illegal behavior, we just call them CEOs & elected officials. We might not put them on our currency but we’re also not putting them in jail either.

Doing better means legally removing the negative truthful monuments and relocating them to historical museums.

Those taking to illegally defacing and removing monuments into their own hands are JUST as abusive as those who want them to remain as a symbol of hate. We need history to help us see how far we’ve come and how far we still need to go.
Legal Removal & Relocation:  We must pay for the mistakes and sins of our fathers. Take positive steps to create change. Start by petitioning the government for removal. Raise money for the removal and relocation of the monuments using today’s crowd-funding sites.
Abusive people complain (image): Will expect others, including the government, to pay for the removal & relocation, resting solely on tax dollars. We are not owed this change, we owe this change to our ancestors. 
Non-Abusive people act (substance):  Will roll up their sleeves, like many of our ethical ancestors, and work to create the change they want for a better community and society by any means possible.  

Author Haven Kimmel found a quote from Robert E. Lee telling the world that we should not keep the open sores of war and they should be obliterated. Who are we not to grant a dead man his wish?

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