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Selective Tolerance B: Kim Davis Kentucky Law Clerk AND People Who Entered the Country Illegally BOTH Break the Law #TeaVsTreeVsReality

Selective Tolerance B: Kim Davis Kentucky Law Clerk AND People Who Entered the Country Illegally BOTH Break the Law #TeaVsTreeVsReality

UPDATED September 7, 2015 Selective Tolerance B: Kim Davis Kentucky Law Clerk AND People Who Entered the Country Illegally BOTH Break the Law #TeaVsTreeVsReality

UPDATED (middle) June 7, 2015 Selective Tolerance: Josh Duggar AND Lena Dunham BOTH Abusers #TeaVsTreeVsReality If you’ve already read the story published on May 26, 2015 then jump to the middle updated section.  

May 26, 2015

The Rules of the Game: Tea Vs Tree & What’s Really Reality

Let's Play A Game Killing My Career

The image of the Ace background NoMad New York Luxury Playing Cards can be found on Theory Eleven

The Rules of the Game

There four rules to this game, which also are the same four rules to this website:

1.  You must be honest with yourself.

The lies we tell ourselves are always worse than those ever told to us by anyone else. Some people have a pathological problem telling the truth & as a result certainly can’t hear or accept the truth from others and will often hide behind such words at “haters” when in reality others are forcing accountability for their inconsistent & contradictory language to action.  If you are one of those people, this game isn’t for you.

2.  You must want to create positive growth in your life. 

If we always do what we always did we’ll always get what we always got.  If you aren’t willing to critically look at the part you’ve played in past problems then you’re not ready for change.  Personal growth is painful and doesn’t happen overnight and anyone who tells you differently isn’t telling you the truth. If your go-to is to focus on the image of a problem rather than fixing the actual problem or blaming others without taking accountability this site & game aren’t for you.

3.  You must want to change elements of your life through better long-term decision making. 

Growth is necessary in order to achieve sustainable and lasting positive changes in your life.  You must be willing to recognize that there were times in your personal & or professional life you’ve been manipulated. There is no weakness in such an admission but there is however if you prefer to stay in the role of professional victim. People who’ve been manipulated by others often will lie to themselves about the level or degree in which this has happened or worse pretend it never happened at all.  The inability to admit manipulation is in fact a manipulation in and of itself from the abuser.  Unethical employers will often shame employees from speaking honestly as a means to control a situation that puts them in a negative but truthful light.

4.  You must also be willing to accept that not everyone wants to change or will change.

This is perhaps the hardest of the rules because you want to exercise compassion but others are exploiting that compassion at your expense.  Despite claims to the contrary there are people who will continue without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability try to manipulate you to into granting additional unearned and unproven chances; and, they count on it. You do not owe anyone who has not been accountable for the harm they’ve caused you a blanketed second chance, regardless of who they are or how long they’ve been in your life (saying they’re sorry without the actions is again image vs. substance).   Unless you are willing to admit and are actually willing to remove these types of people (it could be a family member or a boss at work) from your environment they are and will continue to impede your personal & professional growth and sustainable decision-making process.

If you mention you want to “save the world,” daily or that’s part of your life’s mission statement or you’re out for “domination,” as this site often states that type of “help” is nothing more than a manipulation so don’t waste your time here-there are plenty of places to troll around the internet.

If you’ve come here to try “help” someone else create positive change you have to know that you cannot want for others what they do not want from themselves; but, you already knew that didn’t you?  Those pathological abusers in Rule 4 will come at you wearing all sorts of different outfits-be ready!

“Coaching” in the professional business sense is not only arrogant it’s nothing more than manipulating while not recognizing the rights of others which is different than providing people tools to help make them better decisions based on facts. When people want to make decisions for you by using polarizing rhetoric like Tea Party or Tree-Hugging Liberals in the absence of facts it’s just another manipulation to benefit the extremes.


Let's Play A Game #TeaVsTree Killing My Career

Over the next few months political stories will be posted to help us all make better decisions based on the facts for the major 2016 elections while citing examples of the extremes as part of an ongoing Case Study: Political Abuse. Again, the goal is not to get people to agree with one side over another it’s to expose how both sides manipulate the facts at our expense while exposing the truth so that we can make better informed decisions. If you come across any great examples please leave the links in the comments section and they’ll be added to this #AllPlay Political Case Study: Tea vs Tree & What’s Really the Reality.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

UPDATED June 7, 2015

Abusers for the purpose of this website and how it relates to The Sociopathic Business Model™   fall into two major pathological categories Selective Tolerance (A/B) and Professional Victim:

Selective Tolerance A is defined as a subset of people devoid of empathy, sympathy for another group manipulate facts, do not like to be challenged and will threaten, intimidate and demean those who expose the truth on a subject they would rather remain hidden. (Example: Discrimination doesn’t exist because they personally haven’t experienced it & they haven’t experienced it since they’re likely the cause of the abuse, or when abusers are a majority refusing to recognize the rights of the minority).

Selective Tolerance B is also common when one minority group glibly, without shame, remorse, guilt, or accountability insults and demeans another minority subset by not recognizing their rights. (Example:  Women speaking out on sexism in Hollywood but not recognizing the rights of others by engaging in cultural appropriation for the sake of fashion.  Essentially wanting people recognize how they’re discriminated against while simultaneously discriminating against another group.)

Professional Victim is defined as a subset of people who lack in self-awareness, manipulate facts without remorse or guilt while shifting blame and pathologically feel glibly entitled to forgiveness despite lack of accountability. Often change names or corporate names to distance from previous unethical and or illegal activity again as a means to distance from accountability.   (Example: This group, does not want to earn second chances but feels entitled to them in the absence of growth, change or true accountability and those who’ve forced accountability and exposed truth they’d rather remain hidden are incorrectly called Haters; and, this is common in celebrities or those who feel entitled to celebrity based on image and not substance using the false vibrato of jealousy as a means to try and excuse their lack of accountability.

#SelectiveTolerance Josh Duggar & Lena Dunham are BOTH abusers

Abuse does not have wings for political parties to pull upon for an agenda despite what the media headlines and those that pull the strings behind the headlines would like us to think.  There is no right wing and there is no left wing there is only abuse and victims of abuse and is not a political issue but a human rights issue.


Professional Victim Lena Dunham and Show Girls should be canceled

Professional Victim Last year, Lena Dunham, lacking in self-awareness released a detailed account of sexually abusing her younger sister in her book; and, manipulated facts without shame, remorse or guilt while shifting blame and pathologically felt glibly entitled to forgiveness despite lack of accountability.  When critics of abuse challenged Dunham’s dismissive tone towards her sister’s abuse she was quick to lash out blaming right-winged media while getting her victim to defend her actions.

Lena Dunham Lack of Shame Remorse or Guilt over abusing sister


Professional VictimJosh Duggar recently, through forced accountability, admitted to sexually abusing his younger sisters (and one other outside the family), manipulated facts without shame, remorse or guilt while shifting blame and pathologically felt glibly entitled to forgiveness despite lack of accountability.  When critics of abuse challenged Josh Duggar & (his parents) dismissive tone towards abusing his younger sisters they were quick to lash out blaming liberal politics and used their victims to defend their actions. 



Despite Dunham’s, lacking in self-awareness, or Duggar who was forced accountable after the abuse was exposed in the media, neither failed recognized the rights of their victims and continued to re-victimize their victims which makes them both classic abusers where one is not better or different than the other. There’s a common misnomer that it was just family (still very wrong) and if the victims forgive (forced to do so publically at the request of their abuser) that we’re all now obligated to accept the abuse and forgive despite the abusers obvious and glib lack of remorse or accountability.

TLC needs to cancel the 19 kids and counting #SelectiveTolerance

Both abusers have popular television shows where this illegal abuse is now viewed by the abuser as encouragement, where it can be replicated and continued to be rewarded.  It’s not complicated if we as a society stop being manipulated, take the right and left labels off and look at these situations for what they are abuse.

HBO needs to cancel Girls #SelectiveToleranceIt’s very common for the extremes in political abuse to engage in selective tolerance where the justification of one set of illegal actions is used to try and weaken the other side when both “sides” are wrong.  This is nothing more than the abusers (who do not like to be challenged) enlisting the help of other similar like-minded abusers to continue the cycle without shame, remorse or accountability.

TeaVsTreeVsReality Duggar & Dunhams shows both should be canceled

It’s not an either or situationwhen it comes to abuse or to TLC’s 19 Kids and CountingAND HBO’s Girls as BOTH shows need to be canceled to force accountability on the abusers.  This pathological history should also provide enough proof that we don’t want Dunham or Duggar anywhere near politics in the future.

Both times this story posted May 27, 2015 and again on June 7, 2015 the site lost one subscriber (out of 47 subscribers total) which indicates it struck a negative tone with at least two readers if not more.  As a means to understanding my audience while testing theories through Case Studies it’s important to understand why.  This next exercise is not meant to demean and or insult (and why names are removed) those who disagree with the post but to understand why someone may have unsubscribed.  I do not ask so unless a subscriber states it’s an unknown.  This is also part of understanding analytics and finding the right audience.

Killing My Career Loss of Subscibers #SelectiveTolerance 6 7 2015

Outside of hitting on the person’s Google + image to see if there’s any indication as to why the article struck a negative tone that’s usually as far as I’ll go researching the topic.  The first email either has private settings on their Google+ page or doesn’t have anything posted on it.  The second posted a petition supporting keeping 19 Kids and Counting on the air citing Freedom of Speech and Religion neither of which is protected by illegal acts and is inconsistent & contradictory language to action.  This is also an example of #SelectiveTolerance B essentially wanting people recognize how they’re discriminated against while simultaneously discriminating against another group; and, validates the person’s decision to leave and also validates the point of this site. UPDATED: there was a Facebook exchange with the second unsubscriber which I will not post as it exposes the posters name and again the goal is not to demean and insult but rather gain information.

UPDATED September 7, 2015 Selective Tolerance B: Kim Davis Kentucky Law Clerk AND People Who Entered the Country Illegally BOTH Break the Law #TeaVsTreeVsReality

Selective Tolerance B

Selective Tolerance B

Two hot buttons in politics are gay marriage & immigration and sure to be exploited in the 2016 Election for ratings but not to the benefit of those who need help.  Recently, Kentucky elected official, county law clerk Kim Davis made headlines when she without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability, manipulated facts an refused to give out marriages licenses (which is in her job description) to protest the federal law allowing for gay marriage.  She, in a misguided sense of justice, decided that if she didn’t give out any marriage certificates (regardless of sexual orientation) she was acting within the law and not discriminatory.  A judge rightfully disagreed and jailed her for breaking the law.  Ms. Davis’ actions are inconsistent & contradictory and in part what is further fracturing our already broken system; and, an excellent example of Selective Tolerance B.

As today is Labor Day, a day in which all people dedicated towards the social & economic achievements in America are celebrated, and loves-the spotlight immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas  without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability manipulated the facts to wish a “Happy #LaborDay to undocumented workers whose labor our Country depends on. @DefineAmerican” while knowingly & willfully excluding, insulting & demeaning all other people who help make this Country great through social and economic achievements.

Jose Antonio Vargas of Define American is a chronic Selective Tolerance B abuser under The Sociopathic Business Model™

Jose Antonio Vargas of Define American is a chronic Selective Tolerance B abuser under The Sociopathic Business Model™

First the major point is that all people who helped make this Country great should be recognized; and, second is that again people who enter this Country illegally are breaking the law. Those not mutually exclusive things and to assume that they are is inconsistent & contradictory and again what is wrong with our broken government system. That doesn’t mean the laws shouldn’t be changed at the goverment level with clear cut guidelines in place to force accountability to aid in the immigration process, it is saying if we don’t like a law we need to change it, not break it.

Displaying Screenshot_2015-09-07-15-04-49-1.png

We do not want the Kim Davis’ or the Jose Antonia Vargas’ of the world speaking for the American people, not if we want to fix a broken system.  These are two examples of people who manipulate the facts without recognizing the rights of others for their own personal gain, not for the greater good of this country.  Look for politicians who do the same and send your vote elsewhere in 2016.

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