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The Right Way to Hire Managers-2 Priceless Tips!

The Right Way to Hire Managers-2 Priceless Tips!

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We’ve been hiring people incorrectly for years and it’s given rise to The Sociopathic Business Model™; so in order to change the model we need to change how we are hiring.

First Mistake:

When hiring managers we ask for one or more of their superiors as a reference. WRONG!  We should be asking to speak with the  people who reported to them.

The Solution:

The MMpiHer Method ™  It’s far more telling how a manager performs by hearing from their ‘team.’  Any manager not willing to supply the names of at least three people who previously reported to them is a RED FLAG and should be moved into the ‘Do Not Hire,’ pile (or shredder).

Second Mistake:

We ask traditional questions and really need to think outside of the box. When interviewing a manager ask them to walk you through a project they worked on with their team.

The Solution:

The MMpiher Method ™ If you hear lots of “I’s” and not a lot of “We’s” in the presentation during the interview, then really think long and hard about hiring this person.  There are signs of lack of accountability, placing of blame, and you’ll likely hire a manager who is not going to foster a ‘team,’ but an insecure manager who will take credit for their ‘teams’ work.  This creates resentment and hurts the entire organization.

Making mistakes during the hiring process is very costly to any company.  For more information or help with hiring please contact info@mmpiher.com



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