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The #RHONY Carole Radziwill Case Study: Marketing Vs Branding

The #RHONY Carole Radziwill Case Study: Marketing Vs Branding

UPDATED: July 30, 2014 

Carole Radziwill inconsistent & contradcitory ashes final

Whoops more inconsistent & contradictory language to action from Carole Radziwill as she wrote in her book that she scattered her husband’s ashes off the coast of East Hampton (noted in red below). 

July 23, 2015

Why some Real Houswives stars will do well and others will fade.

Real Housewives who understand marketing and those who focus on branding.

This site often highlights the differences between marketing and branding and never is such an obvious distinction made than with Bravo’s own reality series The Real Housewives.  If you’re familiar, what started out as a reality show highlighting lives of the affluent, became nothing more than an hour long info-docuseries where each of the cast members was given a segment to sell their ‘lifestyle.’ And if you’re not familiar it will serve as a cautionary tale on why your business should market and not brand.  

The Joneses starring David Duchovney & Demi Moore is available on Netflix

The Joneses starring David Duchovney & Demi Moore is available on Netflix

The movie The Joneses does a pretty accurate, funny, dark take on mainstream materialism also known as the Bravo business model.  Bravo is responsible for creating a branding network that couldn’t sustain profitability without their info-docuseries shows like The Real Housewives.  

Marketing Vs Branding Bravos Real Housewives-Killing My Career

Table your personal feelings about any of the Housewives and look at it like Bravo does, as a business decision. Here’s the very short version of what separates the Housewives into two major categories:

  1. Those who will continue successfully by marketing (sustainable growth)
    1. Bethenny has an uncompromising work ethic and why the other Housewives like Gretchen, Taylor and Brandi incorrectly thought they could emulate her business model.  Very few can and very few will.
    2. Lisa Vanderpump, Vicki, Kandi, Heather Thomson, Ramona & Adrienne were all running businesses before the show.  Lisa Rinna was as well but what also makes her different from her peers Kyle and Kim Richards and Eileen Davidson is that uncompromising work ethic like Bethenny and drive.
    3. These women understand what it is to run a business and Bravo is running a business.
  2. Those who are easily replaceable due to branding (hypergrowth with no substance).
    1. Carole trots out MBA needlessly to insult on Twitter, Luanne “The Countess” and Avia the lawyer -all names meant to impress, threaten or intimidate based on image and not substance.  The people who focus on branding are often accused by viewers as “trying to create a storyline.” 
    2. Those “On the Bubble” are Cynthia Bailey, NeNe Leakes and Heather Dubrow.  If Cynthia focuses on her business and not on her husband’s ever changing she stays but he’s hurting her in more ways than one. NeNe can go by the way of Lisa Rinna or Kyle, Kim and Eileen, she needs to check her ego and keep working.  Heather is in the same position, if she focused on acting like the previous season it’s better than the house/champagne(ish) line this season.  This is where Carole Radziwill started out the season from Bravo’s perspective (from my consulting standpoint she’s been in the replaceable category like the rest in that category since the beginning).

Seating Chart RHONY Reunion July 7 Marketing Vs Branding

Riot Housewives

Despite Bravo PR citing difficult personalities or people “deciding” to leave the show, the fact is that successful ratings are directly tied to the women who understand the difference between marketing & branding and in part why Bethenny Frankel is back and why PRSpin: Carole Radziwill (likely will leak she’s leaving the show) PRSpinUnSpun: already knows she on the bubble (meaning she’s close to getting fired).  Her twitter account supports that information.   

RHONY Reunion Seating Chart Marketing Vs Branding

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Characteristics of Carole Radziwill’s Brand as it relates to factual information.

People who focus on branding (as explained above) follow patterns out of The Sociopathic Business Model™ including unethical and or illegal behavior; and, frequent readers of this site know that exposing fraud with the goal of helping patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers make better informed decision is in part what prompted Killing My Career and my leaving a 13 year lucrative career in the medical device industry/startups.

Adam Kenworthy professional cook

Adam Kenworthy professional cook

Marketing vs Branding #RHONY Carole Radziwill stated on twitter that you can follow boyfriend Adam Kenworthy (I’ve actually provided the correct instagram account for him-you’re welcome Carole) whom she incorrectly refers to on the show as a chef and he refers to himself (fyi his Twitter handle is ChefAK) incorrectly in bios as chef but is in fact not a chef. 

That’s not say he’s not great at what he does but when a bio for a chef  (requires formal training) highlights his cardiovascular achievements over cullinary it’s a red flag. I love medicine, sold in the medical industry for 13 years but it doesn’t make me a surgeon. Is this the fraud that topples the world? No, but it’s always telling how someone reacts when factual information is provided as their response usually correlates with other patterns of fraud.  We’ll use Carole Radziwill’s own tweet response to me for a Case Study:

When calling someone out with factual information it’s called #ForcedAccountability which often triggers abusive behavior from the person who does not want the negative truth exposed possibly damaging their image which is tied to profits.   

      • manipulation of facts (cook vs chef)


  It’s also very odd that I was instantly attacked by Carole’s defenders which were Twitter eggs or people with less than 100 followers which is usually a sign of fake followers.   And say it with me now: Fake Followers Do Not Buy Real Products (or in this case won’t help Carole keep her job at Bravo season over season).

This also from a consulting perspective should be enough information to terminate Carole’s Bravo contract as it’s a deceptive ploy to try and threaten & intimidate.

  • verbal outbursts
  • responding without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability
      • shifting blame without taking accountability



  • rarely challenged & resorts to insulting & demeaning comments to retaliate  


Professional Victims use Twitter block to avoid taking accountability for unethical behavior

Professional Victims use Twitter block to avoid taking accountability for unethical behavior

Abuser fall into two pathological categories under The Sociopathic Business Model™ Selective Tolerance or Professional VictimsFor more read:Understanding the difference: Haters vs Forced Accountability 

Carole Radziwill armed with her arm-candy of an MBA and BravoBots met with a little more #ForcedAccountability (organically-meaning I did not ask anyone to write this-which is not the same as grateful someone else recognized what was going on).

Where oh where have we seen an unethical pattern like this before? A Bravo info-docuseries branding expert, who over-inflated the importance of a relationship with a Senator’s Son, bought fake followers & tried to pass off her underqualified boyfriend as a chef?  That’s right Julia Allison of the ill-fated Bravo Miss Advised, steps likely followed by self-declared “best friend” of deceased Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Kennedy-coattail riding Carole Radziwill.  JFK Jr. may have been the best man in Carole’s wedding because her husband was his cousin and one of his best friends; but, oddly, Carole was not the maid of honor in her “best friend” Carolyn Bessette’s wedding when she married JFK Jr., that honor went to his sister Caroline Kennedy.

Carole Radziwill's late husband passed in 1999 posing with urn in 2015 on Bravo

Carole Radziwill’s late husband, Anthony Radziwill (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ nephew) passed in 1999. Being a widow at such a young age is tragic & speaking of it respectfully could have helped a lot of women in similar situations. However, posing with the urn 16 years after his death in 2015 on Bravo is exploitative; and, inconsistent & contradictory language to action promoting a new boyfriend while posing with a deceased husband’s ashes. She could have easily discussed how difficult it was without the urn photo opportunity; and, she has the right to move on respectfully which she failed to do by choosing to exploit her previous marriage to someone from a famous family for ratings to try and secure her job on Real Housewives.

UPDATED: July 30, 2015 Whoops more inconsistent & contradictory language to action from Carole Radziwill as she wrote in her book that she scattered her husband’s ashes off the coast of East Hampton:

All about the Tea Carole Radziwill lied about husbands ashes

All about the Tea

She and I have a different opinion of what pathetic is; but, this is what happens on Bravo when you don’t recognize the difference between marketing & branding.  As a business consultant, she’s provided enough information for me to know that I’d never recommend a client work with Carole Radziwill and I would never personally work with her. If I were consulting for Bravo I’d just confirm what they already know which is Carole is bad for business.

Insulting & Demeaning, manipulating facts while not recogizing the rights of others without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability  I have no issue with the age of Carole’s boyfriend, the issue is Carole, who is on a show branding herself, isn’t in the position to brand another least of all unethically. Many viewers already know this to be true as they’ve stated she’s trying to create a storyline (which again confirms people who do not run or understand how to run a business prior to the show) need to create a storyline; and, you’d think someone with an MBA would have figured this out.   Her verbal twitter outburst did make me (along with others-apparently this isn’t her first attack on a med rep) wonder what she has against med device reps, maybe Adam has an ex that was a device rep.  This leads to the second issue I’ve suspected and others have pointed out, it’s a transparent attempt to try and prove she can help his career in the hopes he’ll remain in a relationship with her. This has nothing to do with her age or his but it does speak volumes about her own insecurities.  And I didn’t need an MBA to figure that one out.  


Medical Device Sales Rep Salary infographic from MedReps.com

Medical Device Sales Rep Salary infographic from MedReps.com If you’re going to #ForceAccountability on unethical people you have to provide the most amount of fact based evidence in order to let others make educated decisions.

A Twitter follower whom I do not personally know but have interacted with on Twitter from the medical device industry also appreciated Carole’s insulting & demeaning language. The average salary for a medical device rep is roughly $150,000Phew! Good thing I have that sixth grade education to fall back on! Think Bravo advertisers will be happy Carole insulted an entire industry of their target audience to shill her boyfriend’s services unethically?

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