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The Race for AZ Attorney General: PRSpinUnSpun Case Study

The Race for AZ Attorney General: PRSpinUnSpun Case Study

October 22, 2014

Attorney General Billion Dollar Fines and No Jail Time

If we’re not happy with corrupt corporations paying billions in federal fines while the executives get away with murder at the expense of patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers alike then it’s time we force accountability from our Attorney Generals. And as luck would have it, many are up for re-election this coming November 4, 2014.

One of the goals of this site is to provide the facts as means of  education to allow people to make the  best decisions as patients, consumers, employees, and taxpayers by using The Sociopathic Business Model characteristics to decide when #PRSpin, which also included titles like Democrat or Republican, is used as a manipulation.


#Case Study AZ Attorney General

For this next case study we’ll look into the two candidates running for Arizona Attorney General, look at their websites and ads #PRSpin and run that information through the model #PRSpinUnSpun to help decide who should be our next Attorney General.  Ballotpedia is a great source to provide information for each individual state, election positions and people running.

Remember for this exercise we’re going to look at facts and not #PRSPin so, party affiliation isn’t the most important thing when finding the best candidate for any position.  I know what’s important to me and what I’d like from a candidate so you’ll need to decide what your top (at least three) criteria are but we’ll use mine to run through the model.

1. Transparency & accountability regarding negotiations with corrupt corporations

2. Criminal prosecution with jail for corrupt executives

3. Protection and support for whistleblowers and bringing big cases to AZ

Those aren’t just words, I want to see proven support via fact based evidence of each of those points in their previous positions. Don’t tell me you can do it, show me that you’re already done it. Again, fact based evidence over time is the best indicator of the future.

 Arizona has two choices for Attorney General:   Felecia Rotellini and Mark Brnovich.

Since they’re both not incumbents (not held the position before) I care very little about what they plan to do or say they’re going to do–I want to see what they’ve previously done and how it translates to this new position.

Arizona Attorney General

1) States Rotellini held the Assistant to the Attorney General position until 2005

2) States Rotellini held the Assistant to the Attorney Genearl position  until 2004 (it could be inconsistent and contradictory)

3) States Brnovich (without dates) worked at the Arizona Attorney General’s office

4) States Brnovich (without dates) worked as Assistant to the Attorney General

5) At first glance my concern is that Brnovich (without dates) appears to bounce from government position to private sector (gives the  impression he couldn’t hack it in private) went back to government, went private again and looks to a government job now a third time in his career.  Is Brnovich using this position until something better in the private sector comes along? It’s a fact based pattern I’m noticing that I don’t like.

This is an ongoing case study so no decisions on my end yet but more will be added. This is just the starting point.

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