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Support The Helping Family in Mental Health Crisis Act

Support The Helping Family in Mental Health Crisis Act

August 12, 2014

Suicide Prevention

Sadly, each celebrity suicide sparks concern of copycats happening.  Listen, if people who seemingly have it all like Robin Williams (money, fame, respect across industries, millions of real fans (not purchased)) this could understandably be a trigger for many in less of a position.

I choose to see Mr. Williams’ tragic death as an opportunity direct attention to a great need in our country: mental health reform. No one will ever be able to make sense of suicide but if we can bring awareness and create action towards positive change then perhaps something good could come tragedy.     Mr. Williams’ had a long and public struggle with depression and substance abuse which is not unlike many in this Country. Suicide affects people regardless of fame (L’wren Scott) wealth or any other factor outside of its relation to mental health disorders.

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act  a bill from Congressman Tim Murphy, the only practicing clinical psychologist in Congress, isn’t the end all for mental health but it’s a starting point and it’s only a starting point if it gets passed.  Click on the link to contract your Representative in Congress. After clicking on the link, enter your address (it’s not stored) and then a page like this come up, add your telephone number, you get called in 3 seconds and leave a message.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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