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Support Companies that Support their Employees: Luxottica

Support Companies that Support their Employees: Luxottica

May 20, 2015


Armani with Luxottica founder Leonardo Del Vecchio

This site often points out #TheGodsOfFrauds or #StartupsBehavingBadly as unethical companies tend to outweigh the ethical companies. However if you’re in the market for an obscenely expensive pair of sunglasses be sure and throw your support behind Luxottica because founder Leonardo Del Vecchio is about to win boss of the year! According to CNN Money:

The founder of eyewear giant Luxottica (LUX) has granted his Italian employees around €9 million ($10 million) worth of shares in the company.

The gift from Leonardo Del Vecchio is designed to thank workers and mark his upcoming 80th birthday.

“With this small gesture, I would like to show how important the employees are to me: I truly feel as if we are family,” Del Vecchio said in a statement.

This isn’t to say that money solves all the problems within an organization but respecting your employees will in turn make them work harder because they want to not because threats & intimidation are the driving force for employee motivation like with The Sociopathic Business Model™.  


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