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Sign the Protect the Corporate Whistleblower’s Petition

Sign the Protect the Corporate Whistleblower’s Petition

July 27, 2014  National Whistleblower’s Day July 30

From GAP (Goverment Accountability Project)

Ross Cohen-Kristiansen, July 25, 2014

Help Protect Financial Whistleblowers!

Whistleblower supporters are painfully aware that bank fraud on Wall Street has the power to sink the world’s economy. As GAP President Louis Clark writes in this blog post, despite significant protections advanced by the Dodd-Frank Act, financial whistleblowers often face legal repercussions for revealing corporate secrets.
Corporations are finding new ways to silence potential whistleblowers. One common method is to intimidate employees into signing nondisclosure agreements – gag-orders – that run afoul of whistleblower laws. Another tactic is to threaten legal action against employees who expose wrongdoing.

Earlier this week, to fight on behalf of the rights of corporate whistleblowers, GAP launched a petition to SEC Chair Mary Jo White urging the agency to clarify and strengthen its Whistleblower Program.


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