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Scarecrow Down: Gary Pruden Johnson & Johnson’s Chairman Linked to the Deaths of Children & Women Finally Steps Down

Scarecrow Down: Gary Pruden Johnson & Johnson’s Chairman Linked to the Deaths of Children & Women Finally Steps Down

February 2, 2017


Updated below: February 10, 2017


Ding Dong the Dick is Gone…


Johnson & Johnson Chairman Gary Pruden


 Serial Killing Kids & Women Medical Devices

is slated to step down June 1 according

to Brad Perriello of Mass Device

For those not familiar with Mr. Pruden’s greatest hits spanning an impressive 32 years at Johnson & Johnson a refresher from The Yellow Brick Road Of Risperdal where 31 children died, another 1,207 suffered serious problems and adolescent boys grew breasts, ended not with Pruden in jail but with a promotion.  That’s right, you’ve read that correctly, Pruden was promoted to Johnson & Johnson’s Gynecare.

Gynecare where an estimated 30,000 women sit in federal court limbo under the direction of Judge Goodwin for transvaginal mesh, where Pruden was part of the team that destroyed documents for the pending trials.  Some of those women are the lucky ones that were only threatened & intimidated before they actually died leaving a grieving husband on his 50th wedding anniversary to speak for his late wife.

And how could anyone forget Acclarent, the least deadly but actually knowingly and willingly selling a misbranded and adulterated medical device until in 2013 when the FDA made Johnson & Johnson remove it from the market in under a whistleblower case (hello?) Pruden, was allegedly aware that the Stratus Microflow Spacer was sold not only off-label but never on-label where the company knowingly and willingly stopped the study that would prove the device didn’t even work off-label.

I wonder if Mr. Pruden’s departure has anything to do with a deposition I gave with Johnson & Johnson’s attorneys at Covington last year for a pending case? The deposition where I clearly stated (under oath) that I had knowledge of three separate instances where Pruden (Johnson & Johnson) were in fact aware and knowingly and willingly engaged in illegal activity on behalf of Acclarent.  While Pruden may feel he’s been exonerated because the company only paid an $18 million civil fine, it’s still fraud.  There are many in my opinion who should be sitting in federal court with former & convicted Acclarent CEO William (Bill) Facteau and VP of Sales Patrick (Pat) Fabian, the least of which is Mr. Pruden.

Let’s hope, not unlike others among the #GodsOfFrauds, that Pruden too will one day see the inside of a jail cell on what will surely be a quick and inevitable descent into hell.

A glutton for Pruden punishment? Read On (motion sickness bags not included)


Updated 2/10/2017: Dorothy Down.  Johnson & Johnson’s Bridget Ross also linked to fraud for Risperdal, Gynecare and Acclarent has eased on down the road to Henry Schein to lead their global medical group. To read more about Ross’ career click your heels three time here.


It’s ALWAYS a #REDFLAG when an executive’s bio glosses over exact titles or accomplishments. Remember, they love to brag and it they’re not, then it a #REDFLAG

#CleanUpYourMesh #JNJ

While it looks like JNJ is cleaning up their image problem they’re not cleaning up the substance of the problem they’ve created with mesh and hip victims who are still waiting for their day in court or for settlements.

All we need is Gorsky gone and hopefully DOJ working to reunite these people in prison, but one of them may have already flipped on the other two…

  • Hope Pagano

    Very interesting in site. I’d love to know where the backup files are for those J&J hard drives that were destroyed. I understand nothing really disappears in cyberspace. Emails?

    June 26, 2017 at 1:04 am
  • The plaintiff attorney in the J&J Pinnacle hip trial that is now with the jury: 7 million internal documents from DePuy/J&J. The Andrew Ekdahl and Dr. Thomas Schmalzreid had to be subpoenaed and LeAnne Turner was only executive that testified.

    November 15, 2017 at 9:40 am
  • Wow. This is shocking Stuff.

    November 20, 2017 at 9:43 pm

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