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Predatory Sexist Frauds Become Fearfully Unhinged When Truth Is Exposed

Predatory Sexist Frauds Become Fearfully Unhinged When Truth Is Exposed

February 4, 2017

Updated throughout but most recently 3/22/2017


I’d like to show you what unethical frauds who have no way of legally controlling their own negative truthful information will resort to as a means to protect their fraudulent & predatory business practices.


Posted on Medtechy May 16, 2016 (I do not live there and have not since April 2016) yet this person is illegally doxing me. The FBI were contacted at this time and it was not related to Acclarent or Abbvie, who else during this time could have had such a strong issue with what I was doing? Well, there’s a name for people who have a problem with what I do, they’re called criminals.

Someone(s) for the last year on the anonymous message board MedTechy, doxed my family and me, posted pictures  of their home, pictures of my parents and myself stating that I was a product of incest, that my father was an alcoholic, that I was a rat and a snitch, and released other false and fraudulent information as a means to threaten, intimidated, demean and insult me under The Sociopathic Business Model™.

Below is just a sample of the most recent attacks which demonstrates this person’s loss of control and fear of current situation as well as a deluded sense of reality.  medtechy-2-4-2017-false-and-defamatory-information

That’s not only false and defamatory it’s further proof this person knew nothing about the industry or situation (So, at this point, it’s not Pat, Bill or likely anyone from Acclarent).  This person recently experienced a negative response and is becoming so unhinged that they’re not only writing on the Acclarent board (where I was the whistleblower) they’re writing on the Abbvie board (where I never worked).


This is where it gets interesting, this unhinged stalker (yes, I am now fearful) is carrying on a conversation with himself or possibly one other accomplice. Again, false and defamatory information about my previous ride alongs with Pat who, on an aside, is federally convicted & awaiting sentencing.  It’s evident this person is so insecure and feels inferior that his own opinion is not enough, he must create a false reality with people he’s never met.  These posts are not written by anyone of meaning in my personal or professional life.  This person(s) has created a false reality, making himself important, when in fact, he’s insignificant.  The writer of these posts is likely an overweight, white, male, with sexual dysfunction, and or dui or domestic charge, or some previous other legal trouble.  In this false, unhinged reality, he feels he’s been wronged like Pat former Acclarent VP or former Acclarent CEO, Bill, (also federally convicted & awaiting sentencing) and the third mentioned male.  Pat and Bill are convicted and certainly have other things to worry about and my ex has been one for 10 years.

These are all men who would realistically dislike me, two are going to federal prison because of their actions but also because I exposed those actions: and, well an ex, is an ex for a reason.  However, this person, is so insecure, with such low self-esteem,  driven by fear leading to these emotionally unstable and erratically spewed rants, he feels connected to three people he’s never met (two of which have been federally convicted), because he feels I’ve wronged him in some way.  Fact-based evidence would indicated that this person’s own negative truthful information, which I likely exposed, is causing him fear and sleepless nights.

Vulnerable narcissism, individuals feel deeply inadequate and seek attention and approval to validate and boost their weak self-esteem. Psychology Today

Also, barren, is only capitalized if you’re referring to Trump’s youngest son (and that’s actually Barron) but it demonstrates this person’s overwhelming sense of inferiority due to lack of intelligence and likely education. He also thinks it’s insulting and demeaning that a 45-year-old woman does not have children, but his sexism will not allow him to comprehend, it’s by choice.   It’s also very shameful for this male to be humiliated by a female, which he clearly has; and, pathetically he’s looking for comfort from men who wouldn’t give this level of street hustler of a fraud the time of day, in any reality.

Updated: 2/5/2017


Further proof this person (people) did not work for Acclarent or the industry.  There is no “bawled her beady eyes out when escorted out of the building” involved in the medical device industry, something anyone in the industry would know, you have a territory in your own state, and Acclarent was then located in Menlo Park, CA. Also, attacking someone’s physical characteristics (beady eyes) is meant to insult and demean but only gives validity to their claims being unfounded, false and delusional in this instance. Also, an insult is only an insult if you have respect for the person making it, which there is no fear of me ever respecting this person and or his accomplice.  In their deluded mind(s) there were cheers but much to their dismay, that was not the case, and again anyone in the industry and those familiar with the story of my wrongful termination would know this is false.


This would certainly make any educated reader wonder who could be so upset now, all of a sudden?  Certainly not any of the people this person so desperately tried to identify with as a victim but he (and or his accomplices) see themselves as victims. Who now in my life sees themselves as victims, would have thought my earned success is equivalent to bragging, that using the legal system properly is equivalent to “milking” the system or say being a serial plaintiff, when in fact they were likely the predator & never the victim? Hmm…I certainly know a few people in the legal system that would find the pathology of unhinged harassing, hiding behind an anonymous message board, less than amusing and they’re running out of time and places to hide.

Unhinged: And falsely using defamation to threaten and intimidate, somehow I don’t think this is the first time this person has done this. Negative truthful information is different than false and defamatory. There is no case despite this deluded poster’s false claims.



And anyone who worked for JNJ would not ask this question (or desperately respond to their own question-that’s just sad.com)


This person NEVER worked at Johnson & Johnson, one easy way to tell is “J&J,” any employee from the industry knows it’s JNJ (it’s the stock ticker and also part of the company email address). This person also was not intelligent enough to ever hold a position in the industry (sentence structure).   It does certainly seem that someone all of a sudden has an issue with my exposing the negative truth and again does not think enough of their opinion that they must try to get others to act on their behalf, or rather they know they don’t have a legal leg to stand on.


This person is cyber-stalking and harassing me.

And snitches, where oh where have I been called that recently?  russell-ruffino-harassment-2-12-2017

More sad.com from a person lacking of average intelligence and trying to spin their own negative truth and defame someone of proven substance by pathetically responding to their own posts or even more pathetic still having minions post.  Parasites try and tear down and live off of successful people.   This is also escalating in tone, threatening, which means there’s a loss of control in their life driven by fear of being held accountable.  And likely the greatest fear of all, loss of freedom due to the inevitable, ever-looming federal incarceration.


You think this person would enjoy what freedom they have left and spend time with their family on a Sunday afternoon; but, the loss of control will ratchet up and I’ll just keep documenting it…in 3…2…1…

Should be no problem for a baller claiming to make $200K a month all over the internet, right?

Updated: March 17, 2017


And again, who would be so concerned over my business…this week?


There is one false comment two weeks ago and prior to that the last comment and thread was started nine months ago. And it’s clear that this person is stalking my twitter account and again trying to insight others, that are unrelated to him to comment and attack, yet he’s the only one.

Poor impulse control is an tactic from The Sociopathic Business Model™. Wow, the FTC visiting the site really sent someone over the edge all of a sudden.  It may not even have anything to do with them but their over-inflated sense of self-importance and need to parasitically attach themselves to me, is not only delusional, it’s scary.

It’s pathetic that this stalker is trying so hard to identify with what he perceives as victims of my writing when in most cases they’ve been found guilty of unethical and or illegal behavior. And these people the stalker(s) so desperately wants to identify with would also view this person(s) actions as a low-level street hustling and a far cry from the sophisticated fraud committed and Acclarent.

Oh something must really be getting under someone’s skin to fraudulently claim I’m being sued by Abbvie. Again, this is an insecure person(s) who do not believe enough in their own position so they must try and insight others to do what they cannot, successfully sue me.   Abbvie has no claim, likely like the person who defaming me online. I also did not create the image below as has been asserted by my online stalker.

But no doubt, the same mentally unstable, stalker created this false thread on Cafepharma on September 26, 2016.  Wonder what was happening in September, that I didn’t know about but do now? Hmmm.


When people realize they don’t have a legal leg to stand on, or that they’ll lose in court, they’ll desperately take to the internet to harass, defame or slander someone.  Note it’s the same person(s) starting threads & answering their own comments using multiple boards. Again, I’ve been trained to look at logic, reason and what is currently going for me legally that would attribute to an sudden uptick in online harassment.

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