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Phoenix Investigative Journalist Wendy Halloran Exposes Scottsdale Community College Student Abuse

Phoenix Investigative Journalist Wendy Halloran Exposes Scottsdale Community College Student Abuse

May 24, 2016

This site is often rightfully critical of TEGNA, NBC, 12 News and their pathological mistreatment of their employees and loyal viewers. Thankfully the troubled local station does seem to do at least one thing right, and that’s get out of the way of investigative journalist Wendy Halloran .

Halloran previously exposed the abuse of now deceased plastic surgeon Dr. William Leighton which caused permanent disfigurement to his patients and she exposed the subsequent mismanagement from the Arizona Medical Board.

Abusive, unchecked, unethical and or illegal behavior will escalate causing harm or death to others until the abuser is forced accountable either by public pressure or legal remedy. The Sociopathic Business Model™

This site views all people in one of two categories: Abusive or Non-Abusive and Halloran, much like this site, exposes those who are abusive.  Dr. Patricia Evans, an educator, most recently at Scottsdale Community College and has a pathological history spanning decades of verbally abusing her students. That abuse recently drove one student, Kendra Parton, to commit suicide.  Please watch Halloran’s investigative piece and watch for the classic signs of The Sociopathic Business Model™ including threats & intimidation, not only the educator Evans, but also the school that by siding with the educator which is encouraging and rewarding such unethical and or illegal behavior that’s allowed Evans to replicate this unchecked abuse for decades.

Click the link  to watch the full, tragic and preventable story –>Bullied, belittled and berated: Did Scottsdale Community College turn a blind eye?


  • You should be ashamed of yourself. Claim to expose but you exposed nothing bit a regurgitated trumpt up bs article written by a jounalist wanting make a name for herself. There is absolutely no link or truth dr evans had anything to do with this poor girls choice to commit suicide. And she has decades of being a teacher who pushed her students to do well and be resposible. A dozen people with attitudes towards being held accountable out of hundreds and hundreds of us who support her does not equale “decades of patholgical abuse” THis site and folks like you looking to build a reputation by smearing and cherry picking are the ones who abuse.
    I do know Dr evans very well. I was a student of hers for 4 years at USU and started there the same time she moved to Utah to start USU equine science program, which they did not have before. I am curious where the hundreds and hundreds of interviews and comments are in this story from her other students, vs the 2 they found that did not like or appreciate her tone. Because there are hundreds that would jump to her aid and feel she taught them hoq to work hard and take responsibility as the adults they are vs acting like children. And we are getting word of this story and are ready to form in the masses to defend this woman. She is no fluff and tip toe individual true, but she is no bully and cares very much for the success of her students. But no, she does not cater to those who take on a ” dont pick on me stance” as no one does so guve me a break. That does not mean though that even if you have the type of personality to blame teachers or bosses or circumstances on why something happened how it did, that she does not provide her time to you to try and help.
    I am sorry for the family for their loss. But to blame their daughters choice to take her life on dr evans, and for you folks who don’t know her to read a cherry picked bs article and cast judgment…… it makes me livid and many others. This woman is amazing, is the hardest worker i know and FYI to follow up articles that say she jumps from school to school to”victimize students”……. she had a major major health emergency in utah that almost killed her and her drs told her she needed to move to a different climate an work in a lesser strees job for the best prognosis……freaking jerks! What a horrible LIE to tell the public, flat out.
     And to those students who dropped out of the program and blame Dr evans, you are the minority here and it was your choice to do so. There are many more who are greatful to her and her ability to call out bs when she sees it. She taught me to work harr and not make excuses for my own actions. I worked with her for 4 years, traveled utah giving clinics, was her student aid teaching horse production labs and colt breaking classes along with  being the student barn manager. I have never witnessed her berate, abuse or single out anyone. She treated everyone the same and had the sme standards for all. Yep, that means if you were behaving badly, being a smug know it all or made frequent excuses for things she called you out on it, as most anyone would.

    October 5, 2016 at 1:47 pm

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