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MMpiHer Marketing™: Update Your Company’s Marketing & Advertising Wardrobe with Spring 2016 Runways Trends

MMpiHer Marketing™: Update Your Company’s Marketing & Advertising Wardrobe with Spring 2016 Runways Trends

October 11, 2015

MMpiHer Marketing™ Updating Your Company's Spring Advertising Wardrobe

Even if we don’t think we follow the trends of the runways, we all do. Designer Sportswear designers like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and Balenciaga create the design elements that not only influence other areas of fashion they also influence marketing & advertising trends.

So, even if you’re not thinking about buying a $1,200 pair of platform strappy Gucci pumps (understandable), pay attention if you do any marketing or advertising for your startup or company.

You’ll want to inexpensively incorporate some elements of these trends into current campaigns to give old ideas or concepts a fresh look.

If you’ve ever found some item of interest online and gone to the company’s website only to find it antiquated, did it turn you off from buying that product? Or possibly doubt the quality of their product?

While MMpiHer Marketing™ will always stress the importance of content/ sustainable products first- it doesn’t mean that design elements for marketing/advertising campaigns & websites shouldn’t stay current to the trends.

As with any runway look, they’re not always meant to translate automatically to the street look. Look at the elements and choose (like any trend) one what works and incorporate into your spring marketing wardrobe.

Gucci Spring 2016

Neutral color-block trend

Neutral color tones with a dark or accent color elements are a trend starting in Cruise/Resort through Spring 2016 on the runways.  If you’re thinking of updating your website or marketing materials think Gucci Spring 2016 about these colors and the blocking when making updates.

Strappy is another trend along with a redesign on color blocking for Spring 2016. Prada If you’re thinking of updating business cards adding the design of an elegant strap will update the look or if you’re working on presentation slides or folders keep these elements in mind.

Prada Spring strappy 2016

Strappy trend

Consistency is key to any successful business, so if you like a trend (pick one that fits your business) and be consistent with that new element and carry it through to website updates, newsletters, marketing and advertising. Unlike the runway, you don’t need to do a total redesign season after season. Pick one element and work within your budget. It doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve the look.

Prada Spring trend color block handbag 2016

Consistency is key

Elegant military design is another trend as shown below from Kenzo Resort 2016. Think about if your company is hosting an event that requires hard invitations or decorating for an event or even to updated powerpoint sales presentations. 

Kenzo Resort 2016

Elegant military

And again with Balmain Cruise Resort 2016 we see earth neutrals with a refined military look. If your company is thinking about launching a new product or service this spring keep these color choices and elements in mind for designs & launch release materials.

Balmain Cruise Resort 2016

Refined military

Even adding a thick stripe of dark olive like the color one from Fendi Resort 2016 in the look below can quickly and inexpensively update the look of a website. As with your clothing wardrobe, remember you don’t need to do every trend. Think about the trends and how (or if) ONE can update your company’s marketing or advertising.

Fendi Resort 2016

Olive military

Buckles and heavy gold chain from this Burberry Prorsum Spring 2016 handbag lend nicely to the refined military look and even offer a bit of a safari feel.

Burberry Prorsum handbag Spring 2016


Menswear was popular on the Fall/Winter 2015 runways and carries through again on the Balenciaga Resort 2016 runway. If you update your marketing to follow this trend now, you could carry it through to the summer with very little updating.

Balenciaga Resort 2016



Gucci mule Spring 2016

Menswear mixed with feminine elements

Gucci Resort 2016 using their logo buckle on the face of the shoe creates a menswear look and mixing it up with the feminine pearl on the back of the mule is a risk. As with fashion, not everyone can pull off every look. Know what works for your business.

Bally loafer mule Spring 2016


If ever in doubt get live customer feedback or let customers help make a choice through a design contest. It’s a great way to build rapport with customers which will help build a loyal customer base. 

Bally Spring 2016 menswear mule loafer with buckle element adds a dramatic element to design.

Start working on your company’s Spring marketing & advertising wardrobe today!

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