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MIT: Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work? Let Them Eat CAKE™

MIT: Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work? Let Them Eat CAKE™

June 3, 2014

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MIT Sloan Management Review

Nicholas Carr wrote a now infamous piece in Harvard Business Review entitled IT Doesn’t Matter. Although the controversial title certainly grabbed readers’ attention, the underlying point of the article was more nuanced.   The rising digital tide raised all ships, and companies could not gain competitive advantage simply by investing more in the company’s IT infrastructure.

This is in line with creating a marketing campaign organically and layered like a CAKE™ (Create, Assess, Kick-Offs, Events) because social media alone isn’t enough to support most ideas or companies.

It was not the fact that these companies monitored social media data that created the competitive advantage; it was that they analyzed this data effectively and used the insights it provided to affect their marketing strategy.

MMpiHer Business, Market Development and Starup Consulting will affordably help your company extrapolate the necessary data to create a multi-level sustainable marketing campaign where social media is an adjunct and not the only focus.  Knowing your customer and the best way to reach them is as easy as CAKE™.

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