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Mesh Victims Need Help NOW: Go Fund Me

Mesh Victims Need Help NOW: Go Fund Me

July 19, 2015

Diane Fitcher GoFundMe Medical Mesh

More women need help: Please Donate to Medical Mesh Nightmare Expenses by Diane FichterGoFundMe 

Private Health Insurance company CEO’s are making $30 million a year and medically injured patients (many injured by the medical device industry) are left paying for their surgeries because insurance won’t cover them.  BUT if these women should receive a settlement from the medical device maker (in most cases) they MUST pay back the insurance company for their original surgery.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  Please help these women by donating what you can and please make sure we all hold the Private Health Insurance companies accountable like we are the device makers. 

March 15, 2015

Suki Mann

Many stories have been written on this site about transvaginal mesh and the complications  and many brave victims have shared their stories about being sold on this “simple little procedure” that was supposed to make their lives better not worse and how its negatively impacted not only their lives but the lives of their family members as well.

To many who read this site they live these problems day in and day out.  To many who read this site this is just someone else’s problem and as a society (myself included) we tend to not pay attention to things unless they directly involve us. That said, one story I recount outside the mesh community engages the otherwise unaware and garners a Pavlovian response in males:

“Can you imagine having sex and getting your penis shredded because your wife’s mesh perforated the vaginal wall?”


Image: Hannah Takes The Stairs

Nothing brings fear to a man’s face or the migration of hands to the mid-section faster than mentioning the shredding of his member (understandably so). It’s not told to be sensational or to trivialize the problem but to get people to pay attention who otherwise may not.

Maggie FitzPatrick and Sheri Woodruff JNJ Communications and spokeswoman

Companies like American Medical Systems, Bard, Bayer #Essure, Boston Scientific #MSDS, Coloplast, Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare #TVT #Proflit may have gotten everyone into this #mesh but it will take the legal system (which continues to allow companies to stall, demean and insult the victims) attorneys and hopefully companies who want to help to get everyone out of this #mesh.  Business created the problem and it will take the same mentality to fix the problem.

Bridget Ross World Wide President of Acclarent

Bridget Ross former Johnson & Johnson Gynecare Executive

It would be great to see a company like Kimberly-Clark the maker of Depend get involved on some level.  What a Band-Aid couldn’t fix perhaps a Depend could help to mend.  We need to start supporting ethical companies-and not companies who paid to be on a list but actual ethical companies.  Here’s a list of The World’s Most Ethical Companies compiled by EthiSphere and Kimberly-Clark is on that list.


Mesh victims cannot wait to have the costly surgeries to remove the migrating or infected mesh, in some cases insurance is no longer covering revision procedures or worse still some insurance companies are taking portions of victim’s settlements to cover the cost of previous procedures. That’s right instead of the big bad insurance companies going after the big bad device makers they pick on the little victims.  It’s been reported that one group of settlements was in the range of $40,000 per victim but victims were made to pay back nearly if not all that back to the insurance companies.  Yes, that’s adding insult to injury.

I was told I was having a quick simple surgery and a small bit of tape was being put into me to help with a SUI problem.
I woke on the 4th September 2013 unable to move my left leg. My life as I knew it ended – from an active swimming instructor and gardener to an old bed bound woman. My 82 year old mother can walk faster than me.
A single mother to my beautiful son, I have exhausted all savings and am unable to work. On Oct 2014 I was promised by the most expert surgeon in the UK on TVT-O removals a 100% removal operation. But on waking found only 6cm of the 22cm had been removed.  Later I found out that it is not possible to remove the rest in th UK, due to lack of skills within the UK to have the rest removed. I am seeking funds to go to a surgeon in the USA in California LA, who has helped remove 1000 TVT-O’s and can perform 100% removals – this has meant many have been able to regain some of there lives back…..

Click {HERE} to help Suki Mann on Go Fund Me

I love what her friends are doing to help make a difference.  Giving a little can make you feel like a million!

Suki Go Fund Me


As a disclaimer to the piece above: 

One of the purposes and functions of this site is to provide people tools to identify abuse and prevent victimization (or re-victimization).  Some in the mesh community unrelated to the piece above have questioned some campaigns (NOT Suki’s-)  I also would not have written about Suki if I did not believe her story (which I do).  Real victims, like Suki, suffer at the hands of those using campaigns incorrectly.  


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  • Even worse than the insurance companies not going after the device makers is the policy of some major hospitals in the U.S. It is my understanding Mayo Clinic will not do mesh removal or mesh revision surgeries on a woman if she has a lawsuit. I think Cleveland Clinic may have the same policy but will have to check to be sure I am correct on that.

    Women are simply pawns in this, used and abused by the entire system. Awful stuff.

    Thanks for this piece, Melayna. Hope Suki will soon be able to get funded for her surgery.

    March 15, 2015 at 9:19 pm

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