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Melayna Lokosky is Cleaning Up Her Mesh!

Melayna Lokosky is Cleaning Up Her Mesh!

September 22, 2014



There are 317 million people in the United States

Three years ago

I set out to do what only .00170347 %* of the U.S. Population had ever attempted

and of that

Only .0004429002% of the U.S Population had ever done so successfully.


Against some pretty amazing odd

I accomplished what I set out to do, successfully


There was only one way to achieve that outcome:


Roughly last three years I was essentially sent on an unpaid hiatus; and, I used that time wisely. I half-jokingly say I now have a law degree, a psychology degree, an MBA (which for me, stands for Melayna’s Bullshit Applied-cleaned up-applying what I’ve learned).  I also realized what once was would never be again and that my career, as I had known it, was over.

I’m not a martyr or victim in my story but I’m a survivor.

I’m not opportunistic but realistic given the set of facts that surround the outcome.

I was successful before and have no doubt I will be again.

It’s just a matter of deciding how that will now take shape.

“I” becomes “We” or “My” becomes “Our”

Show One, Do One, Teach One:

As with any successful journey there is self-reflection, diagnosing the problems, recognizing patterns, creating tools to aid in diagnosis and prevention with the goal of creating a favorable outcome  that can be replicated for  positive growth or change.  This gave rise to The Sociopathic Business Model™ a tool to aid patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers alike to determine if they are being abused by corporate or governmental systems while providing the necessary steps to protect and force accountability to bring about positive change.

Show One:

I’ve successfully done this, against what some would say are insurmountable odds, and The Sociopathic Business Model™ was instrumental in achieving that goal. Most recently I tried to help a group of injured women “mesh victims” by showing how uniting under one title (CleanUpYourMesh) first would allow for those outside their community to recognize that there’s a problem; and, then placing accountability to the individual company and to the government (CleanUpYourMeshFDA).

Do One:

As I explained to several of the women, I was in the industry and worked for the largest producer of mesh (did not sell it) and didn’t know the scope of this problem. To any injured mesh victim that appalling; and it is, but more to the point if I wasn’t aware, there are far more people not aware of how large the problem is, how many women are hurt, and that many of the companies are still selling the products hiding behind “the gold standard” label.

Hernia mesh victims get upset that transvaginal mesh gets more attention, smaller companies like Coloplast and their victims get lost in the shuffle and Bayer’s Essure birth control gets upset that Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare’s transvaginal mesh gets the most attention than all combined.  The problem is, that none of them are getting enough attention. Which is where my harsh criticism of an “advocate,” although justified and based in fact was called into question.  Things have been written about me that are untrue which is different than someone’s opinion. And as someone who is building a business model around truth, this is damaging to my image.

Events that will unfold other the next few months will again refute the claims with 100% proof; but, it will in turn, damage the image and credibility of my recent detractors. That is no threat it is a reality based in fact, something I have done consistently on this site.  I’ve consistently called out both genders regardless of political party or socioeconomic background. What the detractors should take into account is that they will have lost credibility in their “mesh community,” as they’ve not been able to provide proof that I’m still working on behalf of big pharma because it does not exist, and once that credibility is lost in the mesh community, there is no recovering.  Just look to this group of fractured executives most of whom have been fired over the last three years if you should need further proof. Once your creditability is lost you’ll never be able to rally the troops as you did.

As a society we tend to have tunnel vision to things that relate to our problems and need to be beat over the head to see someone else’s problems. It’s not a harsh criticism but it’s a reality and one the USDOJ and medical large device companies count on to hide from accountability. They like nothing more than seeing a disorganized group of victims unable to get the media’s attention; because, that ensures they don’t have to take accountability by doing the necessary recalls or paying out the large fines quickly.

Mesh victims know they’re injured but you know who doesn’t? The rest of the world. It might not be what people want to hear but need to hear. In part media is afraid to bite the hand that feeds them, so these stories don’t make main stream media. Mesh victims, campaigning to other mesh victims, isn’t the answer, mesh victims uniting and getting attention of main stream media is the answer. Even the most sensational of the stories gets glossed over  and victories will be short lived as they’ll likely get mired in appeals further victimizing the victim. And sadly the DOJ and Pharma want the public to think all mesh victims are multi-millionaires now and all their pain is gone, because that fits their narrative an helps their image.  But that’s not the reality-10,000 of thousands of women are awaiting trials and some are concerned they won’t live to see their trial date. The media and public need to understand that millions in the headlines are used as a manipulation to distract from the real issue, injured women.

Teach One:

My hope is that the women take what they’ve learned and run with it! I have no doubt this is an amazing group and just needed a little inside knowledge and direction; and, their next campaign will be unstoppable. Any information is good information, it’s what any one group chooses to do with it. As a group, these women are mesh victims and while the type of product may vary the general public does not have the capacity to distinguish the difference quickly. That’s not to demean the general public any more than it is to diminish each victim’s valid concerns. I write this as someone who not only understands and has worked with media and device marketing for years but as someone who understands the weaknesses within corporations and government and how best to expose those for the greatest possible change. Again, that’s not meant to say that some of these women aren’t experts on their specific topic, they are- but that’s also not to say I haven’t brought about change through forced accountability-because I have and I will continue to do so.

Only when I continue to do so,

 it won’t just be my voice anymore

it will in fact be our voices-

there will be many and they will be loud.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be re-posting some of my older material not something I really like to do but need to do; and, if you’ve read here with any consistency over the last nine months you’ll know I write (not always well) at least one new story a day.  (There may be a few new cryptic posts-either ignore or pull out a decoder ring) With the exception when a “co-worker” made a request for me to stop blogging until we were able to meet live.  It was determined that the “co-worker” was confused and thought they were my “boss,” and I immediately started blogging again-much to the dismay to my “co-worker” who was worried I was making their job harder. Forcing accountability from those who would rather shift blame isn’t easy, it’s not always pretty, it’s certainly not always popular but it’s a great way to create positive change.

I am continually humbled by the amount of daily returned readers, seeing the links going up on EEOC employee message boards to help co-workers who are being abused and hope that you’ll all help keep the page going and sharing the site with patients, victims, consumers, family members, employees, friends and taxpayers alike as this is no longer my journey-it’s officially become our journey.

Thank you!


Melayna Lokosky is Cleaning Up Her Mesh

Melayna Lokosky is Cleaning Up Her Mesh 2



 *Thank you math gods.

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  • Forced accountability is much needed in the mesh community. They sit at the feet of their “Advocate” who is nothing more than a reporter making a living off of their tragedy. Oohs & Aahs & Thank you’s abound because she has a website and mentions their names. Sad. Sad. They are victimized and victimized again, just as you say. The latest is “J&J Hurts Women” which is nothing more than a front by the “Advocate” who is being paid as their spokesperson to generate donations for a progressive group headed by a guy who used to be V.P. of SEIU. Ignore them.

    Best, Lana Keeton

    October 4, 2014 at 8:37 pm

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