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Medtech[y] Disclaimer: Killing My Career

Medtech[y] Disclaimer: Killing My Career


Disclaimer June 30, 2015: New information from a trusted source* stated the owners of the site Medtech[y], unknowingly written about previously on this site for lacking in ethics, are people whom I would not have worked with or endorsed had their identities been originally known because of previous lack of shame, remorse,  guilt or accountability during a business encounter.  I came to know the Medtech[y]  site when their name appeared on the back end of the analytics on Killing My Career (which I’ve recently found is a tactic many unethical will do to get noticed).  The ethical approach is writing an email & introducing the company with the goals and missions while explaining the need for anonymity.  

The need for anonymity when creating a site that exposes the truth others would rather remain hidden is acceptable if owners are still employed by one of the companies they’re exposing or fear of retaliation; however, it is not acceptable to create a site under a new name to distance from previous unethical behavior.  The Sociopathic Business Model™ maintains all supporters (accomplices) eventually become victims of unethical and or illegal behavior and, while I agree with the fundamentals of what the site has provided to the medical device industry, I can no longer support their efforts unless affirmative proof to the contrary is provided. It’s up to each person reading this site to make the best decisions based on all the facts. This site will still reference Medtech[y] and it’s competition CafePharma as it relates to the medical device industry but that should not be misconstrued as an endorsement of either site. Any information is good information it’s what we choose to do with it that mattters.  

*Medtech[y] did not initially deny the information I provided them but asked why I’d want to “out” them when we’ve had a compatible business relationship. Lack of transparency designed as a means to manipulate others (who would not normally work with someone) is not an acceptable business practice. I do not and still did not “out” them but Killing My Career has a right to protect its credibility just as much as Medtech[y] has the right to protect its anonymity.   

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  • You inspire me cause you are so smart and so ahead of the game. Thanks for your insight, your ethics and FOR BEING YOU!! All the best, Lana Keeton

    July 9, 2015 at 8:57 pm

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