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MBAs Can Learn a Lot from the NBA & the J&Js should be Nervous

MBAs Can Learn a Lot from the NBA & the J&Js should be Nervous


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for President! (I kid, sort of).  Seriously, we could all learn something from the swift removal, lifetime ban and over $2 million dollar fine imposed on Donald Sterling owner of the LA Clippers who is now being forced out because he was audio taped making racist comments.

Why was this able to happen so quickly?  Easy the government or court system weren’t involved and the court of public opinion was involved.  The players used former player and Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson as a liaison with the NBA and other owners.  If the NBA didn’t come down hard on the serial racist Sterling and remove him they ran the risk of damaging their own image, player boycotts, and loss of millions in profits.

Big Business and Big Government could learn something from the NBAs swift justice. Maybe we should start enlisting the court of public opinion regarding the medical mesh trials and start putting lifetime bans on the CEOs responsible for child deaths and putting shareholders and profits before patients.  Johnson & Johnson and Alex Gorsky better pray the likes of NBA Commissioner Silver’s swift and fair actions never hit the courtrooms or the DOJ!  And we should think about doing something similar for politicians as well.

J&J and the Destroyed Records in Vaginal Mesh Cases  At the time, current J&J CEO Alex Gorsky was the head of the Ethicon Subsidiary responsible for the vaginal mesh implants.

Alex Gorsky CEO of Johnson & Johnson Banned for Life

  • In the world of patients harmed by medical devices and implant materials those corporate leaders who do not put patient safety above profits should face the court of public opinion and shareholders should act quickly to remove these infamous leaders from their ranks, surely they can find leaders that allow profits and patient safety in the same corporation where safety supercedes profit.

    April 30, 2014 at 8:13 am
  • Daniel Winner

    The court of public opinion is the way the founding fathers set it up. The Free Market is where a company’s fate is decided. However, due to special interest groups, corrupted media, large government susidy programs, and so many individual entitlements, the people have very little say in such matters. However, with the internet and the blogger might change things. However, the people need to be as passionate about The Free Market as they are about sporting and leisure.

    May 12, 2014 at 4:59 am

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