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Johnson & Johnson’s Femicide Agents of Death: Marketing & Spokespeople

Johnson & Johnson’s Femicide Agents of Death: Marketing & Spokespeople



Last week, Johnson & Johnson lost their third lawsuit over the company’s baby powder causing ovarian cancer.  Cue one of Johnson & Johnson’s many minions of mass destruction aka a company spokesperson:

Carol Goodrich, a spokesperson for Johnson & Johnson, says the company will appeal to the decision.

“We deeply sympathize with the women and families impacted by ovarian cancer,” she said. “We will appeal today’s verdict because we are guided by the science, which supports the safety of Johnson’s Baby Powder.” Fortune

Mmmm except, the first scientific link between genital talc and ovarian cancer was 1982; and, Johnson & Johnson not only knowingly and willingly suppressed the information, they did one better and targeted underprivileged minorities, specifically African Americans & Hispanics. Let’s think about that next time you go to buy Johnson & Johnson Band-Aids for the family.

Oh Carol, sweetie, honey?  Did you just sell your soul for a discount at the Johnson & Johnson employee store and a pension, that likely won’t be there much longer?  Allegedly, Johnson & Johnson contacted employees regarding a lump sum cash-out for pensions, which isn’t uncommon but, when it comes to this company the old adage “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” is more than applicable.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m being rather unfair to someone who’s just trying to do her job, how could she have known all of this?  Carol, is what anyone who has self respect & soul in the industry would call an old-timer at Johnson & Johnson. Not because of her age but rather she’s made a conscious decision, a 18 year career with Johnson & Johnson, to cover up the company’s crimes that have harmed and killed patients. A decision, likely based in-part, on two of the company’s oldest employee manipulations that keep people complicit, a pension and discount.  I wonder what Johnson & Johnson did with all their cancer causing product overstock?

Carol Goodrich, Director of Corporate Media Relations,  isn’t Johnson & Johnson’s only harbinger of death, though a pattern, formulated from Johnson & Johnson’s executives, it appears, they select and groom women within the company to target women patients & consumers without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability. And once this pattern is seen, it cannot be unseen. Quite simply, women tend to trust other women in healthcare, women are often held to a higher ethical standard than men, and because we share the same equipment, it’s much harder to consider one of our own would betray our health and safety, especially over a pension & a discount.


Maggie FitzPatrick,[1] whom I can only image carried a billboard for a business card, in order to fit her now former title of Chief Communications Officer & Vice President, Global Communications & Public Affairs at Johnson & Johnson & Sheri Woodruff, formerly Vice President of Communications Global Public Affairs and Policy & Johnson & Johnson, currently Vice President/Interim Lead Government Affairs ANZ Johnson & Johnson unethically helped further the company’s narrative of helping women all around the world.  Guilty people working for guilty companies, who are engaged in unethical and or illegal behavior, have narratives, while the rest of us suffer in the company’s own negative truth.

For instance, a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson, Sheri Woodruff, manipulating facts behind a nameless, faceless & unscientific “many”  to position their bladder incontinence product as the gold standard in treatment for profits, not patients.  Traditional surgery, using the patient’s own tissue, is the gold standard. Only when a device proves (over time) better than the gold standard, decided upon by medical community, not the makers of the device, can a new “gold standard” be named. Shredding documents in federal cases, underreporting adverse events, leading to, at one point, over 30,000 cases in federal court from women against Johnson & Johnson alone, does not qualify as the gold standard, it qualifies as femicidehiding behind a serial killer of a CEO, Johnson & Johnson’s Alex Gorsky.

My workplace experiences do cause me hold women to a higher ethical standard, especially in the medical community, where women still struggle to find a voice.  When Johnson & Johnson, who has a pathological history of targeting women and, shamelessly further still underprivileged minority women, continues to demean & insult the victims they created, who fought and legally forced accountable on the company, where the company again tries slither out accountability by filing an appeal, just to delay the inevitable, it is impossible not to become outraged. When reading Director of Corporate Media Relations at Johnson & Johnson, Carol Goodrich’s rote statement, made with the same sincerity of a petulant child being forced to read a non-apology, apology, “We deeply sympathize with the women and families impacted by ovarian cancer,” it’s clear that prostrating for a Johnson & Johnson pension over the health safety of women, can only be achieved if one is lacking a conscience.

Fear not Death Squad Spokespawn, I imagine all the overstocked Johnson & Johnson cancer causing products from No More Tears Baby Shampoo to Baby Powder are readily available for you in Satan’s Superstore, at a deep discount, that is, provided the company didn’t opt to legally unload it all in the company store, first.

[1] FitzPatrick, according to her LinkedIn page, in August 2016, left Johnson & Johnson for a position as Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs at Exelon , America’s Leading Energy Provider, according to their website. One can only hope FitzPatrick consciously chose wisely, not just for a better pension and, chooses to work towards redemption from the women she harmed at Johnson & Johnson, by helping them now.




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