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Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare’s MESH Victims have the Company on the Ropes!

Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare’s MESH Victims have the Company on the Ropes!

January 26, 2015

#CleanUpYourMesh #JNJ #FDA

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Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare Prolift mesh case, where Joan Budke died-has settled! This is as good of news the Budke’s could have hoped for and is great news for everyone but Johnson & Johnson.  Settling a case right before it goes to jury (as this case did) indicates that JNJ was not confident they could win the case. This also prevents information around the details of the settlement from being released (which is common). Each victim must look out for themselves in that the best negotiation is the one that will never be discussed publically. Do not look to the Budke’s to solve your problems.

Look at the facts and apply them to your own situation.  Mesh victims do not see this as a negative-any information from these cases will not trigger a recall of the products (let that sink in for a minute).  A product recall will only happen if the FDA intervenes and agrees to open a new investigation into mesh (polypropylene) since Dr. Brill was a paid JNJ consultant at the same time he sat on the FDA panel which is a clear conflict of interest.  JNJ will never publically admit wrongdoing and the only way that’s going to happen is a product recall by having the FDA force accountability on the company.

Mesh victims will also do themselves a disservice if they just sit back and wait for their attorney to tell them what to do or what to accept. Or don’t bitch when you don’t get what you really wanted out of the settlement.   Make a list of demands and have it ready for your attorney to present.  The least of which the FDA re-investigate polypropylene and JNJ’s/Dr. Brill’s unethical and illegal actions regarding the panel that discussed polypropylene.

Need more proof that JNJ is on the ropes? Right out of the playbook from The Sociopathic Business Model™ Johnson & Johnson demeans and insults victims by denying accountability and placing blame on the victims by trying to get some victims dismissed. 

This is a typical stalling tactic and a desperate act by a desperate company. They want victims to feel weak.  DO NOT GIVE IN NOW.  JNJ knows that victims are tired, attorneys are tired (and likely low on funds) and NOW is not the time to give up now is the time to keep fighting and demanding more for yourself.  If you think you’ll need additional surgeries due to complications to mesh make sure that’s in your agreement.  Get JNJ to pay back the insurance company as part of your claim. You must ask for what you want they will not just give it to you.  

Judge Joseph Goodwin who is overseeing the JNJ as well as other vendors regarding federal mass tort cases has ordered that each of the victims and or their attorneys be present this week for settlement talks.  

#blizzardof2015 Settlement talks re-scheduled to next week, Feb 5 & 6 due to weather.

Judge Goodwin ORDERED Mesh cases to settlement talks

Judge Goodwin ORDERED Mesh cases to settlement talks 2

Thanks as always to JNJ Ethicon mesh victim Lana Keeton who despite being in massive pain stays on top of these cases and motions and forwards the information to the mesh community.  Remember each day one of these stories hits the media JNJ is hurt by the truth negatively which in turn can hurt image/profits. JNJ is counting on everyone’s fatigue to work to their benefit.  They win only if you let them.

Maggie FitzPatrick and Sheri Woodruff JNJ Communications and spokeswoman

Maggie FitzPatrick, Sheri Woodruff  and Lorie Gawreluk all in marketing for Johnson & Johnson know you’re out there ladies-and soon so will the rest of the world.

Johnson & Johnson Marketing Lorie Gawreluk 1 25 2015

JNJ Marketing back to back IPs Maggie FitzPatrick 1 23 2015


Sheri Woodruff 1 7 2015

  • Hot off the presses, Melayna! Nailed it again. You always get past the glowing media image to the rotten core of J&J.

    You are so right about not stopping now but increasing the pressure to make them accountable.

    I thought about it over the weekend and realized there is another reason why Budke v. Ethicon settled. Yes, they were going to lose and a big multimillion dollar verdict would have been in the news again impacting the settlement talks this week.

    The plaintiffs were going to prove Mrs. Budke died from infection caused by the mesh. In the American Medical Systems settlements, all the attorneys, plaintiffs and defense, agreed not to pay the women with recurring infections or with dyspareunia (a stupid word for painful sex).

    Another way to further victimize the mesh injured patients!

    #CleanupyourmeshJNJ #CleanupyourmeshFDA

    January 26, 2015 at 8:33 pm
  • #CleanupyourmeshJNJ #CleanupyourmeshFDA The former CEO of American Medical Systems when surgical mesh was approved by FDA was Douglas Kohrs who was CEO of Tornier when my brother was implanted with the Tornier elbow that failed after just 4 months. Douglas Kohrs has a history of being a “serial entrepreneur” in the medical device field with investment by Vertical Group and Warburg Pincus. Check out his “abrupt retirement” November 12, 2012 and the huge bonus he paid himself prior to this retirement at age 53. Now he is involved in the even less-regulated medical device project: 3-d printing of prostheses. Fines to these moral criminals is like taking their lunch money: they feel entitled to their nefarious businesses and fines are simply the cost of doing business. Ladies: name names and insist on public accountability and repeated public apologies. Shame them and assume that they are sociopaths. Their behavior defines them.

    January 27, 2015 at 12:15 pm

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