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Johnson & Johnson / Acclarent Former Executives DENIED Appeal for New Trial

Johnson & Johnson / Acclarent Former Executives DENIED Appeal for New Trial

September 22, 2020

Judge Allison Burroughs of the District of Massachusetts denied the post-trial motion for acquittal or new trial made by the former Johnson & Johnson/Acclarent executives William Facteau and Patrick Fabian, who in 2016 were convicted on ten counts of misdemeanor adulteration and misbranding of a medical device.

Melayna Lokosky, the federal whistleblower in the Johnson & Johnson Acclarent case was asked for a statement by Elizabeth Orr reporter for Medtech Insight.

“Judge Allison Burroughs must immediately sentence former Johnson & Johnson / Acclarent executives Facteau & Fabian from their 2016 multiple convictions to a minimum of six months in federal prison; and, a lifetime ban on holding executive/board positions in Venture Capital / Private Equity funded startups–otherwise it encourages the replication of, regardless of industry, to circumvent regulatory laws designed to protect the public from harm.

Melayna Lokosky

Federal Whistleblower in Johnson & Johnson Acclarent case

Owner MMpiHer Consulting


And on a person note: I remember in July 2011, sitting with Assistant AG Sara Bloom and who would become my FBI handler for the next five years, Paul, and saying that I’d only proceed to be a federal whistleblower if we “put some asses in federal prison.” They agreed to try their best and today, we’re all one step closer to making that a reality.


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