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Is Bayer’s Essure About to Get Evicted? Victims in California Are Serving Notice

Is Bayer’s Essure About to Get Evicted? Victims in California Are Serving Notice

April 29, 2015

Essure Problems Rally May 4 and 5 CA

Please join the Essure Rally 2015 in California


May 4, 2015 at the annual ACOG (American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology) Meeting held at Moscone Center San Francisco, to educate the physicians responsible for the implantation Bayer’s Essure.   


May 5, 2015 outside of Bayer, maker of Essure’s, headquarters at 800 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA 94710 to force accountability from the company. Wonder if Bayer’s CEO Marijn Dekkers will be there or on the courts that day.

Bayer CEO Plays Tennis while Bayer Essure Victims Has Surgery

Women from all over the United States harmed by Bayer’s Essure permanent birth control are gathering in California May 4-5 to raise awareness and share concerns about the problems associated with the Essure procedure and device.  Essure is advertised as a form of nonsurgical tubal ligation; however, the term nonsurgical is often used to diminish the sense of risk assoicated with a procedure, which is false.

The event is organized by the Essure Problems a Facebook group with almost 17,000 members which includes medical professionals, patient advocates and victims of polypropylene medical implants which include Essure victims as well as transvaginal mesh victims.

Even if you can’t attend or currently do not have problems with polyporpylene medical implants but would like to see Essure get evicted from doctor’s offices please help these victims become empowered surviviors by tweeting and helping out on social media May 4-5 by using the #EssureProblems or retweet any tweet with the #EssureProblems.  I’d also encourage the women of #CleanUpYourMesh to help the Essure efforts as forced accountability recently pressured Boston Scientific into awarding 10% of their mesh victims $119 million. 


The Bayer corporation and the FDA keep promoting the ESSURE device as a NON-SURGICAL procedure. Hopefully, afte hearing about the death of another patient, the public will make Bayer and the FDA accountable for false advertising.


#PRSPin: Hulu

Hulu* is a great streaming service for movies and television; however, they’ve accepted advertising dollars from Bayer’s Essure (something I noticed on Twitter) and was reminded of again when getting caught up on izombie (don’t judge), as an Essure ad popped up in between segments. A company like Hulu can have both ethics and profits it doesn’t have to be a choice. *Please leave the names of other companies that accept advertising dollars from Bayer’s Essure in comments section below as a means to force accountability (you may do so anonymously).


Hulu’s acceptance of Bayer’s Essure’s advertising dollars is an agreement:

Boycott Hulu until they evict Bayer’s Essure ads permanently from their streaming services. 


Hulu do the right thing and drop the ads and maybe kick a donation to #EssureProblems to help their rally!


Hulu Bayer Essure Problems


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