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UPDATED Infographic: “Like” the Race for Governor Arizona 2014

UPDATED Infographic: “Like” the Race for Governor Arizona 2014

June 22, 2014: Original Story Below

UPDATED:  July 11. 2014

Christine Jones Twitter 7 11

Did the Christine Jones Campaign buy fake likes?

I asked and am waiting reponse for her team.

Christine Jones questioned if they paid for facebook likes

Why this is important and why voters should care if a candidate buys “likes.”  How someone runs their campaign is a good indication of how they’ll run the office.  I get lots of people buy “likes;” but what people don’t realize is that it’s a dishonest approach to growing business.  It’s “like” trying to buy influence opposed to earning it.  It’s harder to earn the “likes” and takes longer to grow organic (or naturally) but it’s honest.  I’d like to see a lot more honesty in politics; and if you’re like me-then this should be unsettling if the “likes” were purchased.   I’ve not been able to confirm if Ms. Jones’ team purchased the “likes,” and will update if they respond.


Updated June 28, 2014:  NewsMax Arizona Governor’s Security Summit

Christine Jones, Doug Ducey, Frank Riggs and Ken Bennett regarding

1. I don’t care who endorses any candidate. I get it’s part of politics but it matters not at all to me as a voter. Don’t name drop. Tell me what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.

2. Bashing Obama isn’t going to win anyone an election.  Yes, we’re Republicans but we want solutions and not blaming and finger pointing.

When asked what they’re going to do regarding the border:

Christine Jones is still very harsh and doesn’t really grasp the issue or have a plan in place other than “send them back.” Spending state money isn’t the answer (which is her answer-as is everyone with the exception of Frank Riggs). She doesn’t have the pull with Congress. It’s a shame she pandered to the lowest denominator and cheaply hit all of Congress.  She looked as drugs as an economics issue which I agree.

Doug Ducey answers every question with an Obama bash first-which is not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem. He also tries too hard to charm and we’ve had too much of that in politics.  He’s inconsistent and contradictory when he says border money needs to come from the state and as Arizona Treasurer hasn’t supported that and now  thinks more needs to come from federal.  (yikes!)  I agree it should come from federal but he’s flip-flopping.  He mentions the Ducey Administration often and I see that as a manipulation-he hasn’t earned the right to assume he’s our governor.  He was out before and I stick by my original assessment of his ability (or lack of). Down with Ducey (way too much plugging about himself and not for the people).  This guy is all about the image, his, and not the State’s.  Again, I will not not vote for Doug Ducey.  And if you need more evidence:

Doug Ducey has mentioned Cold-Stone and that  he’s a successful business man and yet from The Phoenix New Times:

That’s because, as I detailed in an August Bird column, there’s an army of former franchisees from coast to coast that’d love to tar and feather Ducey for the business practices alleged of Cold Stone while he was the top canine there.

The ex-Cold Stone hawkers ran through a litany of common complaints regarding Cold Stone’s alleged business practices: promises of profits that rarely materialized; “cannibalizing” sales by placing franchises too close together; forcing franchisees to purchase high-priced goods from favored vendors who provided “remunerations” to Cold Stone; two-for-one coupons that the franchisees had to eat the cost of; and on and on.

One allegation in particular was an eyebrow-raiser. Redd, who operated four stores in Arizona, said on camera that the franchisees were supposed to pay sales tax on the freebie ice cream offered by the infamous two-for-one coupons. He said he was forced to pay this when he was audited by the state. Moreover, Redd claimed he informed Ducey and Cold Stone about the situation.

“We told Cold Stone about it,” Redd explained at the press conference. “They told us to just not pay the sales tax, to just, you know, throw the coupons away.”

Redd suggested that Cold Stone may not have paid state sales tax on “hundreds of millions of dollars of ice cream” distributed through the promotion.

Frank Riggs is the only one who explains how illegal activity breached two borders how and why it should have stopped at the first border.   And he’s correct the only people our government does negotiate with is terrorists.  He is also the only one who answers questions and has a proven record with fact based evidence over time.  He’s shaping up to be my choice.

Ken Bennett is still delusional and out of touch by explaining the situation as not being good neighbors-it’s bigger than that.  He’s still out for me, like he was from the beginning.

June 22, 2014: Original Story Below

Incumbent Jan Brewer(R) is term-limited from seeking re-election in 2014 so this opens the field up to create an interesting race; and, gives time to run each candidate through The Sociopathic Business Model to eliminate those employing these tactics to make the best choice for the state regardless of party affiliation.

Arizona is one of 21 states with a mixed primary system. The primary is considered semi-closed. Unaffiliated voters may choose which party’s primary they will vote in, but voters registered with a party can only vote in that party’s primary. BallotPedia  Since I’m registered as a Republican, I can only vote that way in the election come November; however, ultimately I will vote for the best candidate in the final election regardless of affiliated party.  

Using the Republican candidate websites I took the top three issues they’re focusing on an listed them below:

Infographic Race for Governor 2014 AZ Republican

The goal and design of this exercise is to bring forward information to allow each person to make the best decision for their votes come November 4, 2014.  My reasoning for eliminating or putting a candidate on the “maybe” list may differ from another’s but it helps us all focus on our individual possible candidate (s) of choice as we move closer to the election.  Click on the candidates name to visit their website (if one is available).  So let’s keep the characteristics in mind when we look into each candidate:

Checklist of Characteristic of The Sociopathic Business Model

Here are some initial thoughts may help narrow the decision process.  Not one candidate is a grand slam that I would vote for today which is the bad news; but, applying information, fact based evidence over time and keeping an eye on the candidates will help elect the best candidate (fingers crossed there is one!)

Ken Bennett

Would I vote for him?

No.  He’s out of touch regarding healthcare; and as someone who worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years, I feel qualified to say that (at least for my own vote).   Above  he shares a story of his father having cancer and thankfully having healthcare.  His father was also able to get a second opinion (and because they’ve worked hard their entire life mentality was demeaning and insulting-many of us have).

And while I’m personally happy things turned out well for his father the use of  buzz words of co-payment and deductible were detached from any reality he’s actually known or can understand.  (And the video only further illustrates that point).   He states that one in five people in Arizona are on Medicaid and while jobs are the long term answer, what’s the short term?   Personally, I found the story a shameless manipulation and not recognizing the rights of others.  Again, as someone who went from the top 1% to Medicaid in three short years-Ken Bennett does not represent my reality or the reality of the tens of thousands just like me.

Doug Ducey

Would I vote for him?

No.  And, I’ve said before anyone campaigning off of a negative towards the other party using inflammatory  polarizing rhetoric  immediately lost my vote.   I did not vote for Obama in either election-and would not vote for today  but can see the manipulation and use of motivation through fear in Mr. Ducey’s agenda which to me represents characteristics of The Sociopathic Business Model™ and what we should be trying to remove from office not elect into office.

Doug Ducey Google Ad Not Necessary

Paid for a Google ad to have himself listed first:  1.  it’s not necessary (he’s already number one on Google just by typing in his name organically 2. it’s a waste of money (and he’d be controlling state money as a possible Governor).  I know it seems silly but to waste precious campaign money on a Google ad is any indication of what he’ll do with our tax dollars-no thanks!  It’s a shame Mr. Ducey didn’t just stick to videos like the one below about his business-he would have earned my vote.  Fire your campaign manager and try again in a few years.

Christine Jones

Would I vote for her?

Maybe.  This ad is fine and I fundamentally agree with what she’s saying.  Some of her ads have been too extreme.  The one thing I did like and that I couldn’t find any other candidate asking:

Christine Jones possible candidate for governor

This requires more research on my end but she’s at least a possible for me.  But why are these people allowing campaign managers spend money on Google ads?  Their names are coming up organically as number one, why waste the money?  Will she be that way with taxpayer money too?

Christine Jones Google Ad For Governor

Christine Jones Twitter 7 11

UPDATED JULY 11 2014 Christine Jones for AZ Governor.  

I tweeted and asked if these 50,000 likes were organic (not paid for) 

Christine Jones questioned if they paid for facebook likes

Waiting to hear back!

Alice Lukasik (no website)

Not enough information and too close to the election.  She serves as a distraction to the party and should remove herself from the ballot.

Al Melvin  UPDATED 6/23/2014:  He removed himself from the race; and, it was stated the cause was he wasn’t able to get enough $5 contributes.

Al Melvin Campaign Donation Image-Off Putting

Would I vote for him?

No. I recognize campaigns are expensive to run and asking for contributions is necessary (from all candidates); however, a candidate has to earn the right to ask for support and that popping up even before we can read about him is a little off-putting; but not as off-putting as supporting SB1062.

Democrats and liberals argue that businesses should operate only with the consent of government and they should have no say in who they do business with or how.  If their doors are open, they must serve everyone and accommodate any request if they are physically able.  But that isn’t the law now, nor should it be.  A sign company doesn’t have to produce a banner that depicts graphic violence just because their customer wants one.  A baker doesn’t have to bake a cake in the shape of a Nazi swastika just because a customer wants one.  Still, opponents of SB1062 argue that the State of Arizona should force these companies to make these products or go out of business.

I am not a “Democrat or liberal;” but, ‘if their doors are open, they must serve everyone and accommodate any request if they are physically able,’ is a fundamental.  I also recognize that finding a Republican who didn’t support this Bill is not likely.  EEOC violations are the highest ever due to retaliation and discrimination and that bill would have moved business more towards The Sociopathic Business Model™ and not away from it.

Frank Riggs

Again with the Google Ads?  Frank Riggs Google Ad Campaign for Governor



He has a proven record in Congress and in his first term created The Gang of 7, along with six other Republican freshmen exposed the serial abuses of congressional power and perks at the House bank and post office.  For this reason I put him Frank Riggs on the maybe list as his actions fall in line with exposing the truth to bring about positive change. (Despite the ” Obaminzation” term in his ad).

Scott Smith

I do like that jobs and the economy are a priority in his campaign and that he’s worked both private and public sector.  I’m somewhat concerned that it’s quite a leap from Mayor of Mesa to Governor of Arizona but he’s a maybe at least for now.

Andrew Thomas (no website)

No.  While I’m not sure we’ll ever fully understand the scope the FBI investigation for abuse of power and unethical behavior as county general-Arizona has better candidates who don’t have this type of history attached to them.

And again it’s up to each person reading this to apply the facts, visit the site and decide what’s best for them when it comes to a candidate.  But below is my list (at least for now).

AND which candidate will address the other problem with healthcare-pharmaceutical and medical device fraud or the more the 44,000 cases in the US where women are hurt from transvaginal mesh?  Over 22,000 of those cases are Johnson & Johnson? #FDA RECALL MESH  There are many sides to the healthcare problems.

Yes No Maybe List Race for Governor 2014 AZ KillingMyCareer



For me Frank Riggs won this round and Christine Jones coming in a distant second.

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