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Influence Marketing Could be Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s Worst PR Nightmare

Influence Marketing Could be Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s Worst PR Nightmare

Novermber 17, 2014

Essure Victims giving their cause a face

11,000 women niche marketed to by Bayer are now Essure Problems

Influence Marketing is the latest buzz phrase in the Sales and Marketing industry* as it relates to social media and the impact it can make on a company’s marketing campaign.

How Leading Edge Firms Measure Influencer Marketing (And How You Can, Too) Social Media Today-Jenna Dobkin

Social media marketing metrics are notoriously hard to pin down, especially for influencer marketing – working with influential people within a niche or sub-topic that is relevant to your brand.

Measuring the reach of an influencer campaign is a good way to get at how viral the campaign was, and how far it traveled across the social web. Reach is the number of individuals within a defined population – usually a brand’s target audience – who encounter at least one piece of content from a campaign.

Bing’s “Summer of Doing” campaign during the summer of 2012 is a great example of measuring reach in a recent influencer campaign. The campaign was multi-faceted, but the influencer component saw nine influential bloggers (from food mavens to travel junkies to rock stars) co-host a week during the summer where they helped design innovative Bing Search terms, Pinterest boards, host Twitter chats, hold Instagram contests and more.

The 56-day campaign ended with a total earned reach of over 97.5 million, measured through metrics like the growth of Bing’s communities, the number of tweets, status updates, and third-party mentions of the brands.

Influence Marketing is the UnMarketing Campaign for a Corrupt Company


Red Mesh Ribbon= Signifies bravery, relentless pain, & overcoming isolation due to shame.

Companies like Bayer and Johnson & Johnson who spend billions on advertising are meeting some unlikely “influencers” they weren’t counting on-and it could be their worst PR nightmare. Women have long been the targets of successful marketing campaigns but what happens when these targets become victims at the hands of the companies?

Donate A Photo to Show Support for Mesh Victims

Lana Keeton-JNJ Mesh Victim & Advocate

There’s now a niche of women also known as victims, created at the hands of the medical device industry. This new marketing niche is banding together to expose the dangers of implantable polyethylene products to force accountability from multiple devices makers and the FDA who approved the products, all while bringing greater global awareness and trying to create positive change through over 100,000 federal court cases.


 Boycott Johnson & Johnson until Executives are Held Accountable

That’s right, this new marketing niche, created by the medical device industry, are injured and they’re giving the billion dollar industry campaigns a run for their money. This new social activism niche is taking a page out of the Company’s Influence Marketing playbook to influence other consumers via social media to boycott the parent company until 11,000 women hurt by Bayer’s Essure and 100,000  Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare’s executives are held accountable and these cases are resolved fairly.

Taking to their social media pages to let family, friends and media know that they’d travel great distances to become whole again is all part of the Influence Marketing campaign. Pam Wise had to travel from her home in Florida to St. Louis, MO. to have corrective surgery from a specialist. Each story  surfacing is another chink in the image armor of companies like Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare who targeted these women and when they became victims choose to insult and demean them opposed to taking accountability for unethical and illegal behavior.

Pam Wise Surgery to Remove JNJ Mesh

Sheldon joins victims of pelvic mesh implants calling for stricter FDA rules | Tampa Bay Times

Showing the damage the devices have caused not only them but their families is highly effective and really Influence UnMarketing the billions companies spent to attract these women in the first place.


Kandi McLean Essure Victim

Victims using Influence Marketing to hold Bayer accountable

*Those in marketing please donate your time and help these women get there message out there. Many women are too sick to get involved in active campaiagns which only works to the benefit of the corrupt companies. We all can have influence with our voices and dollars so if you’re reading this please do your part and share this story on social media and help force accountability by joining the boycotts against Bayer,  Johnson & Johnson and the FDA.



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