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ICD-Oh I Don’t Know-Codes!

ICD-Oh I Don’t Know-Codes!


Americans spend $2.8 trillion each year on medical care.* ICD codes are how hospitals and healthcare providers get paid.  ICD-9 codes, of which there are 14,000 codes, have been a standard within the American healthcare system for decades.  The new roll out of the ICD-10 codes, of which there are now 68,000 codes, well, it’s understandable the widespread panic this is causing throughout the medical community.

Government mandated healthcare providers need to be compliant with EHR/EMR.  As a provider you have three choices: to retire, become a hospital employee or insulate your practice. I work mainly with the third option and see the bigger problem is that while providers are required to be electronic not all healthcare companies are electronic. So making the coding more precise is only half the battle if insurance companies are still dealing with paper claims. This is where the most confusion occurs, time and money is lost for the healthcare provider and patient. The group least challenged are the insurance providers, who benefit the most from the new codes. We can’t just fix part of the healthcare problem we have to look at the entire problem.

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