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HopSkipDrive: The Family Ride Sharing Service is Everything that’s Lacking at Uber

HopSkipDrive: The Family Ride Sharing Service is Everything that’s Lacking at Uber

March 24, 2016

HopSkipDrive is why you never need to think about putting your child in an Uber again.

HopSkipDrive is why you never need to think about putting your child in danger, in an Uber again.

For everything that’s wrong with venture capital funded start Uber,’s fraud based business model, HopSkipDrive, the family-centric ride-sharing service created by mothers, is getting it right, to get your child safely from point A to B.  Beyond HopSkipDrive‘s obvious targeting a diffrent and very specific market, the company confronts and challenges three of the biggest problems with startups:

  • One executive controlled by the board: The board supports a CE(n)O or underqualified person, anxious to prove their value willing to bend or evade the law to appease the venture capital investors.
  • Lack of females in board and executive positions: despite Harvard Business Review stating that more women on a team makes the team smarter, still plagues the startup industry.
  • Fraud is increased:  Due to lack of females on boards or in executive positions in startups, venture capital firms fund startup fraud, that’s encouraged, replicated and rewarded, costing employees, consumers, and taxpayers millions to billions.
McGlothlin Founder CMO HopSkipDrive

Yashari-Becher received her BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley & JD From UCLA Law School. McGlothlin received her BA in International Relations from University of Pennsylvania & BS in Strategic Management from the Wharton School.

The importance of this single shared title of founder, should not be overlooked, nor should the fact that they’re all female in a male dominated market.  This site often writes about how venture capital firms look to find an easily manipulated executive (CEnO), who because of their inexperience and willingness to prove their worth, will bend or evade the law (innovation disguised as manipulation) to achieve the investors ROI at 8-10x’s the original value, which is done unethically and or illegally.

The power of three females sharing the founder position creates a certain amount of accountability from the start which differs from the traditionally male founders and executives.   Manipulation of facts while not recognizing the rights of others without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability, as we’ve seen with Uber or my former company venture capital funded-startup Acclarent that sold to Johnson & Johnson for $785 million where now two former male executives are awaiting their criminals trials, is less likely to happen if there were more women in executive and board positions within the startup industry.

I’ve maintained, venture capital doesn’t want more women in the industry because they wouldn’t be able to get away with the fraud they do currently. And all you’d need to do is look at the recently released Forbes #MidasList to confirm this assertion.

Disclosure: I do not know any of the women written about nor am I an investor in their company; but, as a consultant & fraud whistleblower for the venture capital funded startup industry,  I would recommend clients work with or partner with HopSkipDrive based on the evidence provided about the startup thus far. Again, it’s up to each person reading this to do their research and make the best decisions for their families based on those facts. Follow on HopSkipDrive Facebook or Twitter.

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