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Hire the Right People-Fire HR, Managers & Executives from the Process

Hire the Right People-Fire HR, Managers & Executives from the Process

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This blog focuses on trying to fix problems whether in business, politics, or government but it’s also about trying to prevent problems and sometimes that involves doing things differently than we have in the past.  Complications can range from the organic, like when a business grows too quickly, to self-created, like when a company becomes too focused on profit and loses sight of morality and ethics.

Functioning, ethical and profitable companies are where the whole is greater than the sum of its total parts—meaning there’s a ‘synergy’ where working together (teamwork) will accomplish more than what one would expect from adding up what each person could do separately.   This synergy is certainly the driving force any successful and healthy company.

The synergy every company strives to achieve rests solely on properly hiring the sum of its total parts.  Phew!  Well now that we’ve figured that out, we can all go home for the day.  High-five on the way out since we just identified one of the biggest problems in business.   Every executive, hiring manager and HR representative smugly rest on:  “It’s just tough to hire good employees.”  Therein lies the problem, when misdirected self-confidence and arrogance from management, who aren’t qualified to hire and shape a company, are given the reigns to the company.

I can hear the protests now: “We’re qualified you’re just a bitter disgruntled former employee.”  Yep, I was; but, that doesn’t change the fact that HR and management aren’t qualified to hire employees and secondly, they’re going about the entire hiring process incorrectly.   Let’s keep in mind if we always do what we always did we’ll always get what we always got.  And what we ‘got’ right now is the highest ever EEOC claims for Retaliation followed by race and sex discrimination.

What makes a good CEO?

There are a million ways to answer this question and they all involve the CEO telling us what makes them a good leader.  Or those blinded by the millions and billions a company sold for blowing smoke about how great the person was as a CEO, never having worked with or for them.  ExecuNet did a white paper on what CEO’s think make good CEO’s and the (very boiled down) answers were: vision, leadership, accountability, strategy, profits and dealing with the Board Members. No real surprises there, right?

Actually there is:  nothing in there indicates a CEO knows how to hire the right people.  Sure they may have vision and know how to develop a strategy but does that mean they’re qualified to hire?  A good CEO knows their strengths and weaknesses and puts those who balance their weakness with someone else’s strengths around them (in theory).

CEO’s more often than not also are attached to another three letter word:  EGO.  We don’t want CEO’s who know how to hire we want CEO’s who are secure enough to identify their strengths and allow others to hire to their weakness and together develop a secure and intelligent team who will create a realistic strategy and who are willing listen to the ‘feet on the street,’ and adapt to change for the greater good of the company.

So there’s a new way to hire because:

1. We’re asking the wrong people what makes a good CEO.

2. We need to talk to peers when hiring.  Not whom a candidate reported to but to whom the candidate worked with previously.

These two new concepts will be part of the Work Case Studies in future weeks..  And feel free to share your thoughts so far!

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