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Happy Employees=Increased Productivity & Profits

Happy Employees=Increased Productivity & Profits

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Happy Employees=Increased Productivity & Profits

According to a recent Gallop Poll*:

64% of Employees are Unhappy

24% are Actively Disengaged

87% are Emotionally Disconnected


Less  Productive

Organizations unwilling to properly analyzing the entire picture and determine why employees are unhappy will feel it where it hurts most: profits.

To achieve sustainable employee happiness:

The MMpiher Method™ permanently and drastically improves the overall work environment, regardless of industry or the size of the company.  The beta test* 1.5 years after the program:

  • 40%    Total employee accountability increased
  • 25%    Total employee productivity increased
  • 45%    Company marketability increased
  • 30%    Total revenue increased
  • 97%    Total employee retention
  • 95%    Positive customer feedback
  • 100%  Current employees recommend their company as a great place to work

*Results from hard data and or independent anonymous employee survey.




Culture is King


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