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Get Negative In Your Marketing: Negative Space That Is!

Get Negative In Your Marketing: Negative Space That Is!

January 10, 2015


Example of Negative Space Sale

Pinterst Negative Space

Currently I’m really drawn to negative space (no this time it has nothing to do with JNJ or fraud)-it’s an image inside of another image almost like an optical illusion.  Seeing the secondary image isn’t always obvious until staring at the full main image a while.  It’s a very clever way to merge two key concepts of your business while creating a unique and memorable marketing campaign.

Negative Space Full Bodied Advertising

Here’s a really great example of some full-bodied marketing.

Sure-obvious for a wine bar but maybe less obvious for a cancer awareness charity wine taste or maybe even a Valentine’s dinner-the point is an image can take on many different meanings-but it’s fun to play with the images and text to create an unexpected narrative.

I’ve often recommended to clients to save images they like when they come across them- even if they don’t think the images fit their current marketing campaigns.  This is one area I’ve found Pinterest very helpful.  I have a board specific just for random images I like-if anyone looked at that board they might think I’m a serial killer who likes to dress well-so I lock it down and make it private.

Hands and Guns

Pinterest Image

Truthfully, I’ve been more than a little obsessed with this while trying to come up a logo for Killing My Career and here are the tools I use when developing a logo design or working on a marketing campaign (for myself or for a client).  If you’re not creative it’s best to have someone help you through this process. If you’re creative you’ll find this process not only fun but hopefully very rewarding.

Killing My Career Possible Logo cropped

Thoughts? (don’t worry just the beginning stages of development)

Start a folder of all images you like (don’t worry about a theme)

  1. Once a week dedicate at least one hour to just looking at and saving images from online
  2. Not only can these inspire ideas for your logo they could potentially be used in blog posts as well
  3. Don’t worry about organizing during this process

Start a list of all words that are associated with your business

Start with the basics and go to the abstract

  1. Ex: cooking-my site has nothing to do with cooking but if I think in the abstract “cooking the books” is another way to describe fraud. Or for the “C” in CAKE™ Marketing came from cooking images. Marketing is as easy as Cake MMpiHer Consulting
  2. Or this image I used for a blog story on Avon & Peak Oil  lipstick-money_43312

Wait at least a week before moving on to this step.

  1. Look at your images and start reading through your list of words that describe the business.  Concepts start to flush out very easily and usually the more abstract the better.
    1. Open Power Point and drop your images that are working with your text.
    2. Again, it doesn’t have to be pretty or organized
    3. I recommend pulling at least five images for every one main concept
    4. Do no more than one main concept a week

Nobody wants to hear their baby is ugly

  1. Once a few solid concepts stick out get some feedback (friends, family, co-workers, even total strangers).  Some of the best feedback comes from people who have no emotional attachment to you or your concept.
  2. Listen to the feedback-that doesn’t mean you have to scrap the concept if you really love it and other people don’t like it. If someone says it’s confusing ask questions to determine what’s necessary to make it less confusing.
  3. Remember to have fun!

Please also read about understanding the difference between marketing and branding.

Marketing  vs Branding 1 6 2015



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