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Forced Accountability: Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $3.27 Million over Mesh

Forced Accountability: Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $3.27 Million over Mesh

September 5, 2014




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Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare recently used  tactics out of  The Sociopathic Business Model™:

 Johnson & Johnson asked a federal judge yesterday to call off a bellwether trial in the multi-district litigation over its TVT-O pelvic mesh, arguing that plaintiff Jo Huskey failed to prove her case during the trial. Mass Device

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Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ’s) tactic of trying to get the case dismissed were manipulative, not recognizing the rights of the victim, lacked accountability, was irresponsible, created hopelessness in the victim, and could be viewed as bullying.  

Forced Accountability:

Jurors in federal court in West Virginia today however concluded Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare unit was liable for Jo Huskey’s injuries, which she blamed on the company’s TVT-O mesh sling, according to the company. The sling is sold as a treatment for incontinence.  Johnson & Johnson was ordered (by Forced Accountability) to pay $3.27 Million to Jo Huskey. Bloomberg

Good news today and for the more than 30,000 (up from 22,000) waiting for their day in court against Johnson & Johnson regarding mesh
Becasue this was a federal case all media outlets received the negative information regardin Johnson & Johnson today. Typically its been shown  The Wall Street Journal has a suspected exlcusive arrange with Johnson & Johnson as they are often the only citable source. 
Please join the campaign to hold Johnson & Johnson executives accountable

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