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For the Love of Comedy: Please Permanently Cancel The White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner

For the Love of Comedy: Please Permanently Cancel The White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner

March 2, 2017

I’m opposed to costly government events like Inaugurations (regardless of who is in office) because it’s a colossal waste of money, when as a country, we need funding for at the very least, the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Planned Parenthood. For similar reasons, I am opposed to any event that costs more money than it raises for charity.

The White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner, is an antiquated, self-aggrandizing event that is supposed to raise money for journalism scholarships. According to their site $100,000 last year but, by some estimations costs $700,000 to throw the event, also known as DC’s Nerd Prom. Anyone who understands business would agree this is a terrible business decision, much less one for a charitable organization.

There are far better and less extravagant ways to raise money with a far better ROI.  Something I know about personally when I raised $150,000 for non-profit Ballet Arizona when I was their special events coordinator and fundraiser.  My first “real job” out of college, I foolishly asked what my budget was, I was told it’s a non-profit and everything had to be procured. In short, everything was donated for the gala. That’s how you fund-raise for charity.

So, when President Trump announced he wasn’t attending WHCA Dinner, I thought great, go one step further and let’s just permanently do away with thing already.  This isn’t a political decision it’s a practical one.

On Sunday I tweeted out something along those lines over comedian Anthony Atamanuik’s tweet where he’s dressed like Trump and lobbying to play him @WHCA. Atamanuik and fellow comedian James Adomain are best known for their Trump vs Bernie website and their Comedy Central appearances on @midnight.

What happens when a federally recognized whistleblower and nationally known comedian follow each other on Twitter.

This was not ever meant as an insult to Atamanuik  but, in hide-sight, I could see how it was interpreted that way.

I’ve been called worse than that this week and it’s only Thursday.

This devolved quickly and true to Twitter form escalated into the usual kerfuffle resulting in Atamanuik letting me know that he was in fact friends with Alec Baldwin.  Something I’d assumed during our last Twitter disagreement when I looked at his profile which indicated he was part of the show 30 Rock.

Our last Twitter disagreement was over Atamanuik wanting Warren Buffet & Bill Gates to fund protesters who miss work, something I diametrically oppose because it undermines the protesting process, weakens the message and eliminates alternative methods of creating real solutions to problems.

I called him a washed-up hack shamelessly self-promoting (admittedly not my finest hour) and he questioned if Killing My Career was a service that I offered (which I thought was pretty funny) and I explained I killed mine so hopefully others wouldn’t have to, and then I was accused of self-promoting. Many of these tweets have since been deleted by Atamanuik.

Imagine my surprise last night when I was watching Jimmy Kimmel and Alec Baldwin was his guest who discussed people lobbying to play Trump at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner; and, basically how it offended him; because he should play Trump.  Kimmel said the person who bothers Trump the most should play him, and alluded that person was Baldwin.

So was Baldwin shaming Atamanuik? And are two grown men, who dislike Trump, really that desperate to book the White House Correspondent’s Dinner? For so many people hating Trump, they’re certainly willing to cash in on him!

For the love of comedy please fucking permanently cancel the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. And please if there’s any further lobbying and self-promotion please let it be that someone gets me in front of Trump’s team to discuss healthcare.  As the woman who exposed venture capital funded startup medical device fraud, I have a few things to say!

While writing this piece Atamanuik reached out with the following private Twitter message. If we can find peace, can’t we all?

Although a public apology would have been better, BUT if that insipid WHCA Dinner does go on, please hire Atamanuik, Baldwin has enough jobs already.


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