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Feedly-The Best Site Ever!

Feedly-The Best Site Ever!

I imagine that the site Feedly is what Facebook hopes to be one day when it grows up.  Instead of bookmarking your favorite sites, Feedly allows users to choose from news feeds from all different categories creating one news feed page:

Feedly Main PageThen you can create your own categories and place feeds or (ahem) blogs in folders all on the same feed.

Feedly Second final


And then:

Feedly Third Final


I have all photo blogs in one tab and regular pages I visit in the second folder and uncategorized in a third.  You click on the post that you want to read and you can read it there or it will link you directly to the page (which is better in my opinion).  Feedly will save a lot of time from hunting everything down on the internet one link at a time.  I think Facebook is trying to do something like this, but it’s not very fluid or consistent with the news.

Thanks for reading and you can add this blog to your page by typing www.killingmycareer.com into the search window.  (Thanks to the person who is following this way and tipping me off to this great site!)

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