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Elizabeth Warren Fires Same Shots The Sociopathic Business Model™ Exposes about Corrupt Pharma/Device

Elizabeth Warren Fires Same Shots The Sociopathic Business Model™ Exposes about Corrupt Pharma/Device

January 22, 2015


Sen. Elizabeth Warren fired shots today at the corrupt pharmaceutical industry  at the Health Action Conference; and, her assessment falls right in line with what The Sociopathic Business Model™ has exposed over the last year.

“It seems that the biggest drug companies are increasingly playing by a different set of rules than everyone else,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren-Politico

Sen. Warren also points out, as has this site, that the pharmaceutical industry is exploiting the taxpayers; but, The Sociopathic Business Model™ points out it’s actually not once but twice.  Companies like Johnson & Johnson skirt the laws and through forced accountability pay billion dollar fines ($2.2 billion for Risperdal and most recently $2.5 billion for ASR hips) costing the taxpayers more than just their health but their tax dollars fund the DOJ investigations; and, at the same time Johnson & Johnson is asking for federal funding and the opportunity to fast track Ebola treatment-again funded by the taxpayers.  Johnson & Johnson’s back to back billion dollar fines should make them exempt from any governmental money for the next 10 years; because, corporate integrity agreements and billion dollar fines are not enough of a deterrent.

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This is not only inconsistent & contradictory behavior from Johnson & Johnson it’s also inconsistent & contradictory language to action on the part of the U.S. Government who is encouraging and rewarding Johnson & Johnson’s unethical and illegal behavior by using the taxpayer’s money to support future research.

She plans to introduce the bill next week and criticized companies that have withheld safety information about their drugs and given doctors “kickbacks for writing prescriptions.” Between 2007 and 2012, she said, the largest pharmaceutical companies paid more than $13 billion in fines and settlements from violating federal laws.

“We should make it easier for the biggest drug companies to help develop the next generation of cures and harder for them to profit from breaking the law and defrauding taxpayers,” Warren said. “We celebrate the accomplishments of our pharmaceutical industry, because these blockbuster drugs let people live longer, healthier lives. But we are also mindful that these companies did not do it alone.”

Senator Warren I’d encourage the bill you’re introducing include preventing government funding for new research to any pharmaceutical or device company that was fined a billion dollars or more for at least 10 years as a deterrent of future frauds. We can’t keep giving criminals taxpayer’s money to commit more criminal acts against the taxpayers; and that’s what Senator Warren is suggesting at this time.  She’s on the right track she just needs to make sure her bill puts deterring factors in place or else we’ll always get what we always got: fraud.

The U.S. Government’s lack of transparency regarding the actual amount a whistleblower receives is meant to vilify whistleblowers as greedy as a means of manipulation to serve as a distraction from the much bigger problem.  The government’s lack of transparency with where the money recovered from these billion dollar fraud fines go specifically within the system is where the greed is actually found-because we don’t know (or according to the goverment don’t have the right to know where that money goes).  Not until the taxpaying citizens get to vote on where these mysterious billion dollar fines end up will we also be able to prevent the government from committing fraud with the taxpayer’s money as well. 

The bottom line is not until a health bill  holds the industry as well as the government accountable to the taxpayers is approved will we eliminate the fraud that’s entrenched in both business models.  But it’s so much easier if we all just resent whistleblowers instead of asking the tough questions or continue to be manipulated by pitting the far left against the far right opposed to realizing that there are far more in the middle who want to create positive change.  

Two people who need to be voted out because they’re on the wrong PATH regarding healthcare: Senators Michael Bennet and Orrin Hatch.

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