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Effective Marketing with Social Media: Qöstr

Effective Marketing with Social Media: Qöstr

July 1, 2015

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Marketing is fun, in fact so much fun that companies often forget to develop the business (substance vs image) and unfairly and unrealistically focus all their efforts on the website or market detail pieces which are there to augment the company vision not to carry it.  Clients of established companies often just want a quick website update to re-engage customers; and, while it may help increase traffic, is the rest of the company prepared for that traffic? For instance if the customer service agents aren’t prepared or manufacturing isn’t prepared for the influx and the result is unanswered calls or backorders this actually negate the efforts of an updated website and frustrates customers .  Clients of startups are understandably anxious to get an internet presence (which it’s important to get your landing page up), but walking before running is always advised.  Get your page up but really think about the direction you want your business to go before creating additionl pages and categories.

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Marketing is as easy as CAKE™ (Create-Assess-Kick-off-Events)

Using Pinterest & Instagram are great ways of getting (and saving) ideas to use later.  Just because your business may not be ready to launch a full marketing campaign doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking ahead on it though. On Pinterest under  MMpiHer* Marketing™ (Month 2) you can find some ideas that may inspire you to think outside the box when developing themes for website pages or marketing detail pieces.

*Pronounced Empire (as in helping you grow your Empire)

Killing My Career on Instagram  was followed by Qöstr

Qöstr on Instagram

Example of effective marketing on Instagram

Example of effective marketing on Instagram


  1. The images were clean, well shot and well presented
  2. Thought they were a logo design company
    1. This isn’t bad it grab interest which is what effective marketing is supposed to do
  3. Images and layout made me want to know more about this company
  4. Caught the unique spelling of Qöstr now understand how to pronounce their company name (coaster) who makes custom designed coasters
    1.  Hand Made Font-For Creating Brilliant & Unique Marketing Campaigns, Websites or Logos
  5. Prompted following on Instagram
  6. Prompted a visit to their website
    1. Emailed a friend and told her to look at the web design by matchstick studio
    2. Prompted friend to call as possible layout design for her new website
  7. Prompted following on Twitter
  8. Started thinking of applications of this product for my own company as well as clients
    1. Also pinned for an idea for a personal gift
  9. Prompted a marketing article to demonstrate a company who has a product  and is engaging customers effectively

All of this because someone at Qöstr decided to engage on Instagram.  Social media is a powerful marketing tool and it’s great to see companies like Qöstr using marketing effectively and ethically; and, as this site has all too often pointed out it’s also a tool used to deceive customers.

The site Killing My Career and its owner have no affiliation with nor have they been compensated by Qöstr

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