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Do You Have A Website? You Should

Do You Have A Website? You Should

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Part 2:

Earlier today it was a post about résumés and to take that one step further an article on Business Insider states that every professional should have a website.

When potential employers and clients are trying to learn about you, the first thing they’ll do is Google your name. Instead of pulling up a random photo or mention, a personal website features everything you want them to see in one place.

worst resume ever

It’s an inexpensive investment in your career to purchase a web domain and set up a site.  Think of it as an extension of your résumé, where you can highlight your talents and even put quotes from references.  Need help getting started or ideas, let MMpiHer help you create a professional website that will set you apart from competition.

Contact: melayna@mmpiher.com

Or if you need a little inspiration:  Application of Blue Ocean

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