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Do You Have A Website? You Should As Part of Your Résumé Part 2

Do You Have A Website? You Should As Part of Your Résumé Part 2

Part 1


UPDATED:  July 14, 2014 Forbes-Meseena Ziegler (below under Photos)

May 9, 2014

When a potential employer is looking to hire a candidate it’s very common to Google the candidate’s name.  Did that notion just strike terror in you?  I think it does everyone even for just a split second.  In keeping with the technological times shouldn’t résumés and the hiring process also elevate to a new standard?

What Might An Employer Find?

I’m sure most people know that if you comment on a Facebook public page, your comments are recorded in Google history forever.  Maybe you were really mad that Seattle won the Super Bowl and posted something vulgar in the heat of the moment or a dress Reese Witherspoon wore prompted a turrets tirade worth of its own Oscar; but, are those things we really want potential employers to see?

What Options Do You Have As An Employee?

UnGoogle yourself, which is paying someone IT savvy to erase your presence from the internet and is usually a bit extreme and expensive.  I’ve not used this service or know much about it but an example is www.reputation.com :

Your search results are your reputation online. We help people and businesses improve their online visibility. Simply put, we help make your internet information look better via our best-in-class reputation management services for the web. Our patented technology helps you understand your online reputation and gives you the tools to monitor, manage, and secure your information on the Internet.

Create your own personal website and add the link to your résumé.  Or if you’re really feeling like making a statement just send your contact information and your web address.  Purchasing a domain and building a basic website is really easy.  Here’s a list of Best Web Hosting Picks for 2014 from Consumer Rankings.

Tips for purchasing your personal business résumé website:

Try to purchase your name as your domain page or if you have a common name pick a domain name that’s a reflection of your profession and ties back to you in a unique way.

Example:  Joe Smith (is a common name and is not surprisingly taken)

He’s an actor.  If you’re Joe Smith and looking for work in finance something like smithandfinance. Not brilliant I get it, but we can play on the creative later.  But it’s definitely something you want to give a little thought to, so take your time and check the web to see if your combination is free.

Tips for content on your personal business résumé website:

A website can be as simple or complex as you want.  I’d recommend keeping it simple with a maximum of four-five category tabs at the top.  All this information is already out on the internet in some form or another either LinkedIn, Monster or any other site you uploaded your resume.  Even if you marked it to remain private it’s possible it was shared and privacy is lost.


I’m on the fence about adding a personal professional photo on the page and welcome reader feedback on this one.  Again, if you Google a potential employee a photo pops up. So it’s best to stay ahead and determine what an employer would see by selecting one professional image of yourself.  Sadly, according to Forbes, Maseena Ziegler’s latest article:  The Mind-Blowing Way Selfies Will Change Our Future.  Yes, Selfies, much to our collect desire-are not going anywhere anytime soon.

  1. If you are going to put up a photo keep it professional.  Absolutely no ‘selfies’ or trout pouts, over the shoulder or group shots.  But the page can uniquely express your personality.
  2. I’m also anot suggesting a ridiculous photo shoot where you’re pretending to ‘write a book,’ either. Keep it simple, professional and natural and down to one personal shot
  3. Use stock images on the rest of your tabs to create a story that supports who you are, what you’re capable of doing and what you can do for another company


  1. About-A brief overview of the high points of your professional resume
    1. 15 years in the jumping through fire hoops industry
    2. Make this area SEO rich with words that will attack an employer from your industry
    3. Include your contact information
  2. Career History-This should be the tab where your traditional resume is loaded
    1. Remember brief overview
    2. Bullet points (qualify and quantify-Grew hoop business 15% in 5 months)
    3. Omit the “Objective Statement” Everyone who sends out a résumé is objectively looking for work
  3. Accomplishments
    1. This does not include winning the beer pong tournament (one exception I guess if it was for Charity) and dependent upon how conservative the field of employment is and how they’d respond
    2. Contact information again on this and every page
  4. Charity Work or Community Outreach
    1. The one area and exception of adding an additional picture of yourself and in a possible group.  Make sure all in the group are ok with your posting it to your website.
  5. If you are actively looking and do not care if your current employer sees the site or if you are currently unemployed, write about your dream job and include a company name.
    1. It may catch the attention of a hiring manger or HR Director depending on who does the hiring in the company.

Why it’s important to have a personal business résumé website:

  1. This allows anyone looking for employees to find you provided you put the proper SEO words on your webpage and you’re putting your best professional foot forward.
  2. Having a personal business résumé website potentially cuts out the middleman and can save both the employer and employee money: LinkedIn (which can get shut down) or sites like medreps.com or ihiremarketing.com require membership fees to see jobs available and this is becoming more common across industries.  If employers can find you via Google and not have to pay a recruiter site fee they can pass that savings on to you in the form of a signing bonus or a higher starting salary.
  3. It makes current employers accountable to their employees and they realize their employees have countless options and will work harder to retain valuable employees.  So put your current employer on your website.



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