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Do You Have a Passion or A Paycheck? Part 4 Homework to Use!

Do You Have a Passion or A Paycheck? Part 4 Homework to Use!


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Alright, so from last week we should have our five action words and how and or who they impact.

1.  Action Word/Impact


2. Action Word/Impact


3. Action Word/Impact


4. Action Word/Impact


5. Action Word/Impact

(If you didn’t do the homework catch up now!)

We should start to see a theme emerge.  I’ll start us off:

The goal in speaking from my perspective is to get you to look at things differently and sometimes it’s a see one, do one, teach one example to trigger a better understanding or growth).  Trust, I know that I’m not that interesting.  I learned the SODOTO approach when I was engaged to a medical school student; and, another thing I learned no matter how romantic someone tries to make studying penile anomalies over Valentine’s dinner because they have a test the next day, it’s not romantic. I understood the necessity and he did get points for creativity!

My words in no particular order:




Creatively Develop

Now look at what you’ve done in your career so far:   What did you love and what did you hate about it?

I’ve been in sales pretty much since I popped out of the womb.  For almost 15 years I was in pharmaceutical and medical device sales.  And as you can see by my words above they all fit nicely into sales.

What I liked about sales:

Helping people (showing/teaching them something new or some way to do something differently)

-Solving problems and anticipating needs (even if customers hadn’t yet identified them as needs)

Creating campaigns for marketing and business development (a little writing, a lot of creativity and strategy)

-This also falls under helping and teaching

Worked with and met some really amazing people

What I didn’t like about sales:

Working with or for unethical people

Working with or for people who were incompetent and felt the need to take credit for other’s work

Working for people who did not know the market, trends or how to stay ahead of trends by creating a new market

Working for people who expected loyalty even when asked to do something unethical or illegal

Executives or Managers who motivation through fear

Lack of transparency


If you look closely at what I hated about sales you’ll see it looks a lot like the characteristics of The Sociopathic Business Model™.

In speaking with other people who’d share similar humorous, often horror stories, about how out of touch managers or executives in over their heads were, all stories traced back to unethical or illegal activity which was exacerbated by their incompetence.  Snap judgment may lead a reader to think “that I just don’t like authority.”  That is absolutely false.  I respect anyone who speaks, transparently, honestly and support their directives with fact based evidence over time. So you see where the disconnect occurred, right?

A theme emerged for me and it wasn’t about necessarily working for myself but working with ethical people with similar goals; and, now I want to incorporate helping/teaching, creatively developing, laughing and I like writing (something I need to remind myself of from time to time) but it’s helping me figure out how to have a passion and a paycheck.   And no, I don’t have it all figured out. Adaptability and the desire to keep learning and improving as we go is all part of the process that never ends if we’re doing it right.




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