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UPDATED: Did San Francisco’s Julia Allison Baugher Just Get Bit by the Airbnb Bug?

UPDATED: Did San Francisco’s Julia Allison Baugher Just Get Bit by the Airbnb Bug?

December 3, 2015


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Julia Allison Baugher & her attorney father Peter V. Baugher of Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn

San Francisco resident, Julia Allison Baugher, the one-time favorite of Gawker and author for St. Martin’s Press, famous for having her Wilmette, Chicago attorney father Peter V. Baugher now of Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn, fight her legal battles might need to phone home for some help regarding her somewhat unexpected moving. 

Julia Allison Baugher openly admits to renting then subletting through Airbnb

Julia Allison Baugher neglects to mention whether or not this is a legal subletting through her landlord on Airbnb.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)Julia Allison, as she’s currently known,  lives in a “beautiful top floor 2-bedroom home just half a block from the Palace of Fine Arts and two blocks from the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco’s Marina neighborhood,” according to her Airbnb profile page; however, she has manipulated the facts without shame, remorse, guilt, accountability or apparently regard for the law because, she, in fact, rents the place she’s subletting on Airbnb which is not disclosed to the Airbnb customer nor is it known if the landlord is also aware. 

Subletting is a growing and pervasive problem with Airbnb, the seven-year-old tech startup unicorn valued at more than $25 billion dollars; and, as this site has pointed out Venture Capital backed startup #GodsOfFrauds encourage, replicate and reward unethical and or illegal behavior.  The only way to stop this behavior is through #forcedaccountability or to expose the negative truth others would rather remain hidden because it hurts their image which are tied to profits or legal intervention as a means to create positive change.   NOLO’s  Airbnb Law in San Francisco provides a nice legal breakdown which is designed to protect the rental owner and the renters; however, if a renter does not recognize the right’s of the owner it could end up with costing the owner fines and the renter their place to live, all because they tried to make an extra buck on someone else’s asset:

  • Permanent San Francisco Residents Only
  • 90-Day Rule
  • Only Primary Residence May be Rented
  • Registry & Permits
  • Insurance Requirement
  • Rent-Controlled Laws Must be Followed
  • Hotel Taxes Must be Paid
  • Hosting Platforms Must inform Hosts
  • Tenants Must Notify Landlords 
Julia Allison Baugher admitting on Twitter Jan 2, 2013 that she put her place on Airbnb

Julia Allison Baugher admitting on Twitter Jan 2, 2013, that she put her place on Airbnb.

It is not illegal to sublet a lease, but the tenant must notify the landlord before they engage in short-term rentals (usually in writing).  If the lease prohibits subletting the landlord may evict the tenant; and, the tenant must be given 30 days’ notice to cure a first violation before an eviction is allowed

3. Julia Allison Baugher airbnb cancelation

Could Allison’s possible illegal subletting, where she did not recognize the rights of the owner or potential renter’s rights have resulted in this canceled reservation on Airbnb?  Allison’s Airbnb profile is still listed, but her home can no longer be rented.

1 Julia Allison Baugher moving announcement

Why would someone who is renting a place want it to “stay in the family,” unless it was perhaps a condition of eviction and mitigating possible damages? Any time I’ve moved I never cared about who was moving in after I moved out. That’s certainly inconsistent & contradictory or perhaps a manipulation of facts.

Whoops here’s the original with edit history where Allison mentions her place is available over “Xmas” now that’s missing from the post and so is the ability to rent her place from Airbnb.

Julia Allison November 29 wanting to sublet her place over Christmas

Abuser fall into two pathological categories under The Sociopathic Business Model™ Selective Tolerance or Professional VictimsJulia Allison, has a pathological business history of unethically manipulating facts without shame, remorse guilt or accountability; and, often incorrectly, under The Sociopathic Business Model™  Professional Victim, places blame on people who call out inconsistent & contradictory language to action has “haters.” In fact, it’s just #ForcedAccountability or exposing their own negative truth they’d hidden remain hidden as it could hurt their image which can be tied to profits, or in the case possibly could make it difficult to find housing since Allison is “somewhat unexpectedly moving.”

2 Julia Allison Baugher moving

December 1, 2015, 2:22pm Julia Allison announces via Facebook “I am somewhat unexpectedly moving in mid-January.”

RBD julia Allison

Julia Allison Baugher’s #ForcedAccountability website Reblogging Donk*, was once threatened & shut down by Julia Allison Baugher via her attorney father Peter Baugher where those exposing the negative truth  were reportedly victims of shameless retaliation. This is, in part, why anonymous sites exist, to protect the truth and those seeking to expose it as a means to protect others.  *Disclosure I post on the site currently as Winchester House of Fauxtoshoots, Mircophones & Book Deals

Wilmette Chicago Julia Allison Stories Killing My Career over 1 30

A Wilmette resident took great interest in the Julia Allison stories on Killing My Career (over 1 hour and 33 minutes ) perhaps looking for a means to place blame without taking accountability. This site is a giant “fuck you” to people who abuse their positions of power where the threats and intimidation will not work.

December 1 Julia Allison Baugher moving

Annie LaLa often funded by known child rapist Marc Gafni

Allison’s “unexpectedly moving,” coupled with fact-based evidence over time, along with that the landlord is still renting it out after she leaves (meaning the landlord is not selling the property), that she asked for help in re-renting it (possibly a condition if there was an eviction due to illegal subletting) and that this sudden move is “like a death”  without stating why she has to leave is a pretty good indication that her pathological history of unethical business behavior caught up with her, but perhaps this time legally. And, again, without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability manipulating the facts  without recognizing the rights of others trying to gain sympathy from Facebook followers as a Professional Victim.

As a long time renter, I find those looking to make a quick buck off of someone else’s asset one of the lowest breaches of ethical standards.  Scottsdale real estate can’t compare to San Francisco except maybe in January during a Super Bowl year.  I was once offered $15,000 to sublet my two-bedroom condo, in a desirable location for the week during the Super Bowl & golf open which happened to overlap. Despite my heavy travel schedule where I wasn’t home often, the thought never entered my mind to accept such an offer; and, it didn’t matter to me that $15,000 was almost half a year’s rent.  It’s an honor and privilege when someone trust and respects another to allow them to rent their property and people who illegally sublet give all renters a bad name.

Forced Accountability: Landlords 

Most places will usually ask for a letter of recommendation from a previous landlord especially the most recent residence. If someone is unwilling to provide one, it’s a red flag.  Ask why questions and look for inconsistent & contradictory red flags.  When in doubt Google your prospective renter.  

If a landlord does discover a renter was illegally subletting to a hosting site, take legal action beyond eviction and go after the renter for each ill-gotten gains transaction plus interest, sites like Airbnb make it easy to see how often your place was illegally sublet out and they should be able to provide the legal homeowner with each transactional amount.  I’ve previously stated as a consultant I would not work with or recommend any clients work with Julia Allison Baugher and I would extend my personal & professional assessment to not leasing to Julia Allison Baugher.  Again, it’s up to each person reading this to look at the facts and make the best business decisions based on those facts.

Free sites often need help since they’re not supported by ad dollars. Another free site referenced in this story, which also forces accountability, recently became infected, causing temporary shut-down. If your favorite free site has a donate section please remember to do so at least once a quarter.  Doesn’t have to be a lot (even just a few bucks), no one is getting rich off running a free site, but they do deal with the costly headaches from those who can’t legally get truthful negative information removed from the internet so they’ll often times resort to unethical or illegal means. Killing My Career does not have a donate section, by design.

Donate to RBD-->

Killing My Career is not affiliated with RBD but has written about the subject of Julia Allison. From the comments section of this post.

Killing My Career is not affiliated with RBD but has written about the subject of Julia Allison. From the comments section of this post, from their mod:  Site is temporarily down to remove malware infecting the server and upgrade software for more security. Do not jump to conclusions. Here’s to a speedy recovery RBD!

Again, I am not affiliated and they've not asked but if you read there regularly & have a few bucks and PayPal account every little bit helps.

RBD has not asked and as far as I know they’ve never asked for donations, but as someone who runs a free site, I know that hacks or malware infecting a site can be costly. Payments easily made on PayPal, emailed to jacyandrussiangirl@gmail.com if interested.

Click link below for more:

Julia Allison Baugher Forced Accountability-->

If the smug comments are any indication, rest assured it’s no sign of vindication, their site will return. And this site is, in part, about forced accountability:

Julia Allison Baugher’s #TonyRobbins #DateWithDestiny looks a lot like an eviction.

Julia Allison Baugher's #DateWithDestiny looks a lot like an eviction.

FYI: Tony Robbins is a Senior Wisdom Council Member for the Center of Integral Wisdom founded by known child rapist and former Rabbi Marc Gafni.Tony Robbins CIW founded by known child rapist Marc Gafni

The same Gafni who was supposed to perform Julia Allison Baugher’s Camp Mystic wedding to herself at Burning Man in 2014. (Which was promptly taken down from the Camp Mystic website after RBD pointed out Allison Baugher’s unethical alliance but Gafni who still at the Camp the day of her wedding, Friday, August 29, 2014).

Marc Gafni STILL at Camp Mystic say day as Julia Allison's Self wedding

A match that can best be described by The Sociopathic Business Model™

Not unlike RBD, this site experienced hack & malware attempts after previously writing about both Julia Allison Baugher and Marc Gafni.

Julia Allison Baugher was scheduled to marry herself from a known child rapist

Julia Allison Baugher facing eviction goes to Boca

Humble? Or self-entitled? 

These updates are in no way meant to replace or compete with RBD, but this site doesn’t like to see those who engage in unethical and or illegal behavior continue to act without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability.  This site is also currently free where any additional traffic does not generate income, by design.

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    Site is temporarily down to remove malware infecting the server and upgrade software for more security. Do not jump to conclusions.

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    Just have to say thank you for holding her not only accountable to what she says but for pointing out that normal, decent people just don’t do the sorts of things she does! She makes my head spin… I’ve never witnessed anyone else as narcissistic as her or anyone with as little self-awareness her!

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