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Culture is King

Culture is King


I think leaders should think of their culture as the first and most important business model that they create.  It is the platform from which the more traditionally thought of business models emerge.  A great culture enhances your ability to create great business models (and execute on them too!) * Jim Docherty, HBR, 2.13.2014

CEOs often dictate what they think the culture should be, around their vision, and it falls flat. Engaging your employees to actively participate in creating the culture will go a long way.  I’ve often found, when consulting, that everyone in the company is expressing the same concerns and desires but still aren’t able to achieve the goals.  The reason being, something is off with the company culture.  CEOs willing to truthfully tackle these problems head on, will allow for the company culture to evolve naturally, creating a true team and best desired results.

The MMpiher Method™ permanently and drastically improves the overall work environment, regardless of industry or the size of the company.  The beta test* 1.5 years after the program:

  • 40%    Total employee accountability increased
  • 25%    Total employee productivity increased
  • 45%    Company marketability increased
  • 30%    Total revenue increased
  • 97%    Total employee retention
  • 95%    Positive customer feedback
  • 100%  Current employees recommend their company as a great place to work

*Results from hard data and or independent anonymous employee survey.


Source for quote: http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/02/company-culture-is-part-of-your-business-model/

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