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Court TV Founder, Attorney & Journalist Steven Brill Calls Out Johnson & Johnson-FINALLY!

Court TV Founder, Attorney & Journalist Steven Brill Calls Out Johnson & Johnson-FINALLY!

September 15, 2015 Chapter 1 Johnson & Johnson America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker

September 16, 2015 Chapter 2 Johnson & Johnson Blowing Past the Label  below original story

September 17, 2015 Chapter 3 Johnson & Johnson Sales Over Science below 

September 18, 2015 Chapter 4 Johnson & Johnson Spreading the Word below

September 19, 2015 Chapter 5 Johnson & Johnson Three Card Monte

September 20, 2015 Chapter 6 Johnson & Johnson Trouble

September 21, 2015 Chapter 7 Johnson & Johnson A Multi-War Front

Note to media: Please use #JNJ $JNJ + all subsidiaries  when referring to Johnson & Johnson to not allow the company to distance from previous unethical and or illegal behavior  #TheSociopathicBusinessModel

This link was sent to me today from a friend that said: “Aaaand this will be on your website in 3…2…1”

It took me a few seconds longer (but only a few).  I’m always conflicted to site anything from Huffington Post since they employed known child rapist Marc Gafni where the Buycott campaign was inexplicably shut down & there was a site hack attempt; but, I’ve respected the work of Steven Brill, journalist, attorney and the founder of Court TV, so here goes!

The initial reaction to reading a headline like this is “FINALLY!” someone outside the industry or the injured patients turned victims is starting to see Johnson & Johnson in their true light.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Today is a live blog from the article as it relates to The Sociopathic Business Model™ from another real insider to industry and specifically Johnson & Johnson, me, as their unethical & illegal behavior towards patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers is in-part the foundation of Killing My Career.

For 129 years, New Brunswick has served as the headquarters of J&J, America’s seventh most valuable public company. With consumer products from Band-Aids to baby powder, Neutrogena to Rogaine, Listerine to Visine, Aveeno to Tylenol and Sudafed to Splenda, Johnson & Johnson is the biggest and, according to multiple surveys, most admired corporation in the world’s most prosperous industry—healthcare.

  Note: the creator of this site created more than two years ago Boycott the Band-Aid & Boycott Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder jury linked 2 Cancer  the second of which is now deadlinked on Buycott a site that allows consumers to put power behind their purchases by either buying from them or boycotting them.

Who would take this campaign down? Not me, the person who started it.

Who would take this campaign down? Not me, the person who started it.

Fortunately the most popular campaign regarding Johnson & Johnson is still active with over 27,000 people who agreed to BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson until Executives Held Accountable Boycott until Johnson & Johnson executives are help accountable

But the real money—about 80 percent of its revenue and 91 percent of its profit—comes not from those consumer favorites, but from Johnson & Johnson’s high-margin medical devices: artificial hips and knees, heart stents, surgical tools and monitoring devices; and from still higher-margin prescription drugs targeting Crohn’s disease (Remicade), cancer (Zytiga, Velcade), schizophrenia (Risperdal), diabetes (Invokana), psoriasis (Stelara), migraines (Topamax), heart disease (Xarelto) and attention deficit disorder (Concerta).

Frequent readers of this site often tend to be Johnson & Johnson patient, consumer, employee & taxpayers turned victims and all too familiar with their high-margin medical devices because they #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson.  Johnson & Johnson currently has over 26,000 cases in federal court most of which are Ethicon/then Gynecare transvaginal/ pelvic floor mesh related; and, sadly the company will announce they’ve agreed to pay billions in their DePuy Synthes ASR & Pinnacle hips and most readers think that’s the end of it.  Patients are paid but they’re not and it’s just the beginning of the problem. 

This is a great graphic it doesn't mean you still can't hit them on the consumer side.

This is a great graphic BUT you STILL BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson even on the consumer side. Not everyone has surgery but everyone buys Band-Aids.

It’s not the reader or general public’s fault for not knowing this information because it’s by design between Johnson & Johnson and the DOJ to keep the taxpaying public in the dark and allow for the company to be awarded concessions for their pathological unethical & illegal behavior.  We are allowing two known corrupt entities to negotiate on behalf of the American people behind closed doors.  Just look to former US Attorney General Eric Holder (who once was supposed to defend taxpayers from corporate corruption) now works for Covington one of the largest defenders of white collar crime and still likely Johnson & Johnson’s attorneys. Sadly people think white collar crime is victimless: talk to the tens of thousands of Johnson & Johnson mesh, hip or Risperdal victims and tell me you still feel the same. Just because Johnson & Johnson makes 91% from pharma and med device doesn’t mean (espeically if you’re a victim) that you support the company in any way including the consumer side.  Forced Accountability under The Sociopathic Business Model™ is exposing the negative truth a company would rather remain hidden which hurts their image which is tied to profits; and, if image/profits are damaged badly enough with their own negative truth it forces pressure to create positve change.

The show that Johnson & Johnson put on that morning for the analysts at the hotel, which the company owns, would produce positive headlines in the news that afternoon. But the upbeat talk in the lavishly appointed ballroom was a world apart from the drab setting where a Johnson & Johnson whistleblower says she sat in a sales meeting being drilled on promotional materials she was told should not be left behind for fear that federal regulators might see them.

As a former industry insider for over 13 years this is a common theme not just for myself or Johnson & Johnson employees but for reps and engineers throughout the pharma & med device industry. Where unethical & or illegal behavior is encouraged, replicated & rewarded from executives & managers and those who speak out fear loss of job or worse killing their career. #TheSociopathicBusinessModel

In the ballroom, the Wall Street people watched J&J executives talk about the miracle drugs they were moving through clinical tests—not about how their colleagues might, as investigators later charged, massage data to conceal potentially damaging test results.

Or perhaps how to defraud the US Governement via 510K per Grand Jury testimony of unnamed and named former Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Acclarent executives William (Bill) Facteau and Patrick (Pat) Fabian were indicted & arrested on 18 counts of fraud.

To sit in the back of the room watching the impeccably dressed, articulate men and women who are orchestrating Johnson & Johnson’s trailblazing cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, AIDS and mental illness, and to watch the Wall Street crowd digesting it and calculating the potential cash flows and returns on investment, was to watch the free market dream come true. The best and the brightest on that stage were doing well and doing good. Creating wealth by fighting pain, disease, death.

This site maintains that fraud starts at the top and that top isn’t what it looks like because the top is Venture Capitalists who funnel money back and forth between companies like Johnson & Johnson .  Medical device & pharma are as different as apples & oranges.


The business models between the two divisions was not widely understood by the executives and it appears the US Government.


Sustainable growth (already fraud in the industry) vs Hypergrowth (even greater potential for fraud because of VCs)

Please look to Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Acclarent Case Study to help understand the parts VCs play.  This process  demonstrates average long-term investors on Wall St. are unsuspecting accomplices and like employees, consumers & patients they too  will become victims. Steven Brill’s excellent piece (at least from what we’ve read) talks about the pharm side, specifically Risperdal this site understands both sides the apple and the orange. Brill goes through the company history which is worth a read which ties in nicely to this site’s: Do Johnson & Johnson Heirs have a Legal & Moral Responsibility to Patients turned Victims? 

Johnson & Johnson has already settled thousands of cases involving illicit promotion of Risperdal, including Department of Justice civil and criminal complaints, for a total fast approaching $3 billion.

But have all the victims been paid?  We see ads on tv and again viewers think people call a number and get paid. That is not the case and companies like Johnson & Johnson do this so they can say it’s been taken care of in the hopes their own negative image won’t further hurt their image/profits but without concern for the actual victims many of whom still likely have not received a dime.

Or are the lawsuits like those brought against Johnson & Johnson and other drug companies less about corporate wrongdoing and more about trial lawyers and whistleblowers (who get paid a portion of the winnings earnings*) looking for a payoff when drugs that comfort or even save the many result in side effects that afflict the few?

*fixed that for you Mr. Brill whistleblowers don’t win like the lottery they’ve earned for their work.  W.O.W. I hope Brill wrote that to keep the criminals still interested in reading. Again, by design two known corrupt entities negotiating on behalf of the American people behind closed doors is a flawed system.  The DOJ doesn’t make money if a crime is prevented only if one is proven; and trust while the whistleblower is vilified in the media they’re not asking what the government does with all that money.

#SerialKillingCEO Fortune 500 or FBI’s Most Wanted? GM CEO Mary Barra & JNJ CEO Alex Gorsky The Sociopathic Business Model™ | KILLING MY CAREER

The documents also demonstrate that as head of Risperdal sales and then head of the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary that marketed Risperdal, Alex Gorsky, the current Johnson & Johnson chairman and chief executive, had a sustained, hands-on role in what the company has since admitted in a plea bargain (that nonetheless named no individuals) was illegal activity. That raises significant questions about whether our legal system can, and will, ever hold the high-ranking people who run our largest corporations, rather than inert corporate entities, responsible for wrongdoing.   The Houdini act that enabled Gorsky, the then-Risperdal sales manager, not only to escape responsibility but also to be promoted to the top of his industry’s most admired company raises equally significant questions about the standards of conduct we can expect from those who run what is becoming the world’s most powerful industry, and about how much we can rely on the medicines they sell.

  This site under The Yellow Brick Road of Risperdal has pointed out beyond Brill’s naming Alex Gorsky current Johnson & Johnson chairman & chief executive that he was also vice president of marketing at Risperal’s Janssen until he became president.  More interesting to note is how executives like JNJ CEO Alex Gorsky are allowed to now re-write history to omit certain information because it impacts their image/profits negatively.  Mr. Gorsky was only accountable because he was forced accountable which does not warrant the removal of such information from his achievements.   Gorsky-playing-card-updated-vp  

More importantly, at least in the first chapter Mr. Brill lacked mentioning two other very important characters in the Johnson & Johnson serial killing executive portfolio: Gary Pruden (also famous for rewriting history) & Bridget Ross.
Examples of Johnson & Johnson executive Gary Pruden manipulating facts to protect negative truth from damaging image/profits.

Example of Johnson & Johnson executive Gary Pruden manipulating facts to protect negative truth from damaging image/profits.

Johnson & Johnson's serial killing CEO Alex Gorsky and accomplices Gary Pruden & Bridget Ross

Johnson & Johnson’s serial killing CEO Alex Gorsky and accomplices Gary Pruden & Bridget Ross

The trifect of trouble Gorsky, Pruden & Ross were executives and or made to testify regarding Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Gynecare where:

Court documents indicate that, as of December 2013, Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson were allegedly facing over 12,000 federally-filed lawsuits and 4,000 claims in a multicounty proceeding in New Jersey Superior Court. The claims include allegation of a line of Gynecare pelvic mesh products. The first trial in the New Jersey proceeding was finalized in March 2013, and the plaintiff was awarded an $11 million settlement.

Those numbers are old as the total has risen to over 26,000 in federal court for Johnson & Johnson alone and over 80,000 with the other makers of mesh;and, most recently with Alex Gorsky, Gary Pruden and Bridget Ross all have a hand inJohnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes.

Johnson-Johnson-DePuy-Synthes-Serial-Killing-Syndicate Gorsky Pruden Ross

End of live blogging please read Chapter 1 of Steven Brill’s entire American’s Most Admired Lawbreaker on Huffington Post

Chapter 2 Blowing Past the Label

Chapter 2: Blowing Past the Label

Brill takes readers through the history of off label promotion, something core readers of this site are all too familiar with either as a rep/non-executive employee manipulated & pressured by a pharma or med device company or as a patient turned victim:

Reps told to target off label

Killing My Career’s focus as been regarding off label as it relates to medical devices: Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Acclarent


“We had to,” is a part that rings true to almost any rep in the industry at one point in their career.  Readers may recount the previously shared story of being put on PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) while at 93% quota that was approved by among others my male Regional Manager Alfred (Chuck /Charles) Cornish (PHX), male Area Director  Robert (Rob) Linagen (TN) and male VP of Sales Patrick (Pat) Fabian*.  This site maintains that if a company is willing to overlook an employee’s EEOC rights then they’re likely engaged in far greater unethical and or illegal behavior which is encouraged, replicated & rewarded the expense of employees, patients, consumers & taxpayers all for the sake of profit. #TheSociopathicBusinessModel


*The irony of this situation is that two of these former male superiors at Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Acclarent, not unlike my own father, had three daughters and I can only hope they never experience the workplace abuse that I did at their father’s hands; and, the third had three sons one of whom I was forced to lie to HR and threatened with my career if I did not take one of his unqualified sons to work and hire him as my intern.  There is a well-documented history of this abuse in the hands of many far greater than my own.

Think of your career like any other important relationship in your life to help identify abusive patterns.

Think of your career like any other important relationship in your life to help identify abusive patterns.

As a business consultant I would never work with or recommend a client work with Chuck (Charles Alfred) Cornish PHX , Rob (Robert) Linagen TN or Patrick (Pat) Fabian MN; and, it is up to each person reading this to make the best decisions for their business.

And to those who say, “Why didn’t you just leave?” to reps (who did’t know their company was manipulating facts without recognizing the rights of others without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability) remember there are three types of abusive behavior at it relates to The Sociopathic Business Model™: Selective Tolerance A, Selective Tolerance B or Professional Victim.

Abuser fall into two pathological categories under The Sociopathic Business Model™ Selective Tolerance or Professional Victims


Phamra to med device is apples to oranges in comparison to business model

Sustainable Growth vs Hypergrowth

The goal of a pharma company, where more often than not the drug is developed, in-house is to maximize sales (by getting on insurance programs) known formularies and scaling throughtout the US via roughly 10 reps per major market making 10 calls a day over seven years.

FDA Warned Johnson & Johnson TMAP targets


This site maintains there are patterns in fraud and in the case of Johnson & Johnson a well-documented pathological history of unethical & or illegal behavior created at the top that’s encouraged, replicated and rewarded throughout the company.  Those seeking to expose the negative truth the company would rather remain hidden which could negatively impact image/profits find themselves without jobs or even careers; and, in my case Killing My Career.

Johnson & Johnsons pathological history of unethical& illegal behavior

This site has also written about patient advocacy groups which are really just a way for big pharma and med device to manipulate facts while not recognizing the rights of others without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability or simply a way for a company to funnel money into their own self-interest projects.  Risperdal predates the ACA’s Sunshine Act where doctors must limit & report how much money they receive from pharma & device companies but one would suspect companies have just gotten umm more creative with how they do it now under the guise of company paid mouth piece doctors or surgeons speaking at summits or forums about their off label experiences. And it’s very likely these doctors or surgeons were paid to attend a training outside the country to get “coached” on how to talk to doctors at said summits for forums.

Doctors offered perks

Doctors are competitive, they had to be to get into medical school and match for residency programs, the industry understood that point and exploited it to their advantage where reps were encouraged to tell a doctors that a competitor of theirs (even if not factual) wrote more than he or she did to motivate them up their prescribing habits.

Brill then goes on to describe the rise of Johnson & Johnson CEO and Worldwide President Alex Gorsky and for what I’m sure is the hope of many readers Brill’s exposing the negative truth will bring the fall of Alex Gorsky.  Please be sure and read the entire second chapter which includes: West Point Man in Charge

IF YOU’VE BEEN INJURED BY A JOHNSON & JOHNSON COMPANY: as a patient, consumer, employee, taxpayer, or shareholder PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SUPPORT STEVEN BRILL’S work on all social media.  Check legally (as each person’s case is different) if you’re able to do so but it’s usually a manipulation (from attorneys who do not think their clients can stick to the facts and not deviate from the facts) thinking a retweet of fact based evidence (cut and paste from the article) will hurt you any worse than Johnson & Johnson already has- and that’s likely what Johnson & Johnson wants you to think. Remember if you’re legally able/comfortable to spell out Johnson & Johnson add twitter #JNJ and stock symbol $JNJ for each social media post for greater reach. Your silence on social media is their victory!

Chapter 3 Johnson & Johnson Sales Over Science Steven Brill

Johnson & Johnson Sales Over Science Chapter 3 Steven Brill

Johnson & Johnson Sales Over Science Chapter 3 Steven Brill

Complete update later today.

W.O.W. way for Johnson & Johnson to double down on the asshole. Johnson & Johnson praising Janssen’s doctors while Steven Brill is exposing Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen’s Risperdal and the negative truth the company would rather remain hidden isn’t just #ToneDeaf it’s sociopathic.

Chapter 4 Johnson & Johnson Spreading the Word

Spreading The Word

Chapter 5 Johnson & Johnson Three Card Monte

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Johnson & Johnson Trouble

Chapter 6

Johnson & Johnson Janssen Risperdal whistleblower Vicki Starr

Johnson & Johnson Janssen Risperdal whistleblower Vicki Starr

Chapter 7 Johnson & Johnson A Multi-Front War

Chapter 7

  • Let’s hope the new initiative launched by @LorettaLynch Attorney General of the U.S.A.last week forcing companies to turn in their criminal employees to get those concessions will stop the gravy train for these despicable CEO’s and executives.

    September 15, 2015 at 2:29 pm
  • Russell tuppen

    Hallelujah…my good friend passed this on and you have made my day at last they are now going to be exposed for what they really operate like and the ongoing and future problems we are all suffering with…I in UK and received pinnacle that failed
    ..I wish u all the luck in the world

    September 16, 2015 at 2:01 am
  • Saw video yesterday of Austin Pledger, autistic boy with huge breasts from Risperdal in Steven Brill’s Chapter 1. He is so deformed by that drug. Then started reading today’s Chapter 2 article about the children in mental institutions in Texas on Risperdal. And the elderly in state run institutions in Texas.I want to vomit. Scumbags at #JNJ. Hell will turn them away.

    September 16, 2015 at 10:03 am

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