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CarMax, Virgin America & Kia are Clipping the Clippers

CarMax, Virgin America & Kia are Clipping the Clippers


April 28, 2014

So far CarMax, Virgin America and Kia have kicked sponsorship deals with the Clippers to the curb after owner Donald Sterling’s alleged taped conversation where he’s heard telling a female friend not to bring black people to Clippers games were made public. These actions will hopefully hold the NBA accountable for ower of the Clippers, Donald Sterling’s actions.

The Los Angeles Chapter of The NAACP had previously given Donald Sterling a Lifetime Achievement award in 2009 and set to do so again this year. The announcement was made today that they’re revoking his previous award and no longer giving him one in 2014 and will return his donation to The NAACP.  Local Phoenix NBC sports affiliate Bruce Cooper, threw down on the broadcast tonight and demanded an investigation into the bank accounts of the members of The NAACP.  He mentioned that people knew of Sterling’s racism for years and suggested that something  isn’t adding up regarding the donations.

Tomorrow will be interesting to see if the new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver makes a name for himself and removes Sterling from ownership during the scheduled press conference.   According to former Suns owner, Jerry Colangelo, the maximum league fine is $1 million.


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