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Cafe Pharma has some Competition-Medtech(y)

Cafe Pharma has some Competition-Medtech(y)


Disclaimer June 30, 2015: I was informed (but not able to verify) that the owners of the site Medtech[y] are unethical people, unknowingly written about previously on this site, whom I would not work with had their identities been originally known.  I came to know the Medtechy[y] when their name appeared on the back end of the analytics on Killing My Career (which is a tactic many unethical will do to get noticed).  The ethical approach is writing an email & introducing the company with the goals and missions while explaining the need for anonymity. 

The need for anonymity when creating a site that exposes the truth others would rather remain hidden is acceptable if owners are still employed by one of the companies they’re exposing or fear of retaliation; however, it is not acceptable to create a site under a new name to distance from previous unethical behavior.  The Sociopathic Business Model™ maintains all supporters (accomplices) eventually become victims of unethical and or illegal behavior and, while I agree with the fundamentals of the site, can no longer support their efforts until affirmative proof to the contrary is provided. It’s up to each person reading this site to make the best decisions based on all the facts. 

Medtechy(y) final

It looks at though there’s another site for reps to call out bad managers and corruption within  companies.

I didn’t start it, don’t know who did, but the more people exposing examples of The Sociopathic Buinsess Model™ the better.

Sites like Cafe Pharma and what appears to be the new Medtech(y) help reps (employees) cope with the injustices within a corporation that often go purposely unanswered or ignored.   That said, I’d really like an adjunct to the site that creates campaigns for change.  Like perhaps sending petitions to Boards, Human Resources or Legal directly with examples (you know those perfectly legal emails that get sent around) and all done anonymously.

Here’s the thing though, if a company opens an investigation due to demand be prepared to answer honestly and protect your interests.  Many companies would rather not create positive change and look to those exposing the truth as ‘disgruntled,’ so protect yourself and remember it may be helpful to think of your career in the same terms as any other significant relationship.

Relationships interviewing final

I’m not an engineer but once someone showed me how to open a door, I applied those principles and most days I make it through doors without hitting my face (most days-but it’s really more of a lack of upper body strength than it is a cognitive learning problem).  I’m also not an attorney or offering legal advice.  Each person has free will and the ability to apply cognitive learning to any situation as they see fit.  Again, any information is good information-it’s how it’s used that counts.

I would also again like to offer this page as a resource for any employee to send along anonymous information that you’d like researched or a story done which exposes a corrupt business model.   Café Pharma and Medtech(y) are anonymous and do not require a sign in-unfortunately I do not know a way to disable the login portion of my website, but those interested could use initials (or create an entertaining name) and I will not reveal email addresses or use an anonymous dummy email account.


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