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Buffett, Billionaires, and Bullion-OH MY!

Buffett, Billionaires, and Bullion-OH MY!

Billionaire investors Warren Buffett, George Soros, and John Paulson – 3 of the richest men in the world – are selling off millions of shares in U.S. companies at a shocking rate.  As mentioned earlier this week Buffett’s Company unloaded 19 million shares of Johnson & Johnson stock.

So what are the billionaire boys buying instead?  They’re ALL-IN on precious metals such as gold and silver. Silver, up 500% over the last decade, is much more attainable for the average investor, or available at your find dining restaurants (kidding.) Gold is up over 600% in the last decade and showing no signs of slowing down. So dumping Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo for bullion seems to be a solid move.

Consumers may want to think about dumping Johnson & Johnson stock or at the very least their baby products. Johnson & Johnson could have made the following products without the cancer causing agents like they did in South Africa, Sweden and Japan but Johnson & Johnson chose to keep the cancer causing agents in for the US Market!  Originally, the agents were slated to be removed from baby products by November 2013, then pushed to end of December 2013 (still not removed) and not from adult products until 2015. Consumers should be asking, WHY?

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
Johnson & Johnson’s Oatmeal Baby Wash
Johnson & Johnson’s Moisture Care Baby Wash
Johnson & Johnson’s Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy

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