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Boycott Covington LLP’s Clients to Force Accountability on the Firm to Permanently Remove Eric Holder for Conflict of Interest

Boycott Covington LLP’s Clients to Force Accountability on the Firm to Permanently Remove Eric Holder for Conflict of Interest

August 24 2015


BOYCOTT Covington’s Clients Until They Fire Eric Holder

Boycott Covington Clients until they permanently remove Eric Holder from their firm due to conflict of interest #TheSociopathicBusinessModel

Eric Holder went from fighting corporate corruption directly into their pockets and now works for Covington the law firm that defends the exact same white collar crimes he was prosecuting less than year ago. This conflict of interest goes beyond the widely accepted ethics clause that allows government employees to traverse between the goverment & private sector.

Eric Holder prosecuted  the companies above* which Covington defended & likely still defends. Holder’s employment at Covington represents a conflict of interest for all tax paying citizens regardless of political party.   Taxpayers collectively would not hire Covington because they defend corporations accused of crimes which makes boycotting the firm ineffective; but, if taxpayers were to:


These companies would then force accountability on to Covington to remove Holder which protect the taxpayers

Please let these companies know you’ll be boycotting them until Eric Holder is permanently removed from Covington

*or made decisions & this represents a partial list the scope is much larger which makes Holder’s involvement with Covington even more dangerous to taxpayers

Eric Holder now works for the firm he prosecuted in the Pfizer GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson Cases for the DOJ

We’ve just allowed the corrupt companies who, in some cases have paid billions in government fines for their unethical and or illegal behavior, the greatest access to the inner-working of DOJ at every single taxpayer’s expense. This isn’t good news for shareholders either as many of companies often face SEC violations for defrauding or mismanaging their own  investor’s money.  If you’re tired of Wall Street winning #GetActive and start fighting by letting the companies know we’re not going to help them cheat us and that we want Eric Holder immediately & permanently removed from Covington.

Media won’t grab this story because of potential loss of advertising dollars so it’s up to the taxpayers to make this story stick!

#Left AND #Right #SameFight 

If you happen to work for one of the companies and worry about retaliation from social media here’s another option, email the attorneys at Covington and express your concern.

If you've been injured by any of the companies Covington represents then call & email these attorneys and demand the immediate & permanent removal of Eric Holder from their law firm

Join the Boycott or contact Covington directly!

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    This is not a conflict of interest. You’d be more credible if you understood the issues you write about. And if your website didn’t look like it was made by a 3 year old.

    August 24, 2015 at 9:45 pm

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