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Apocalypse of the Healthcare Industry: Injured Patients & Injured Employees Can Unite Against Corrupt Companies on Medtech[y]

Apocalypse of the Healthcare Industry: Injured Patients & Injured Employees Can Unite Against Corrupt Companies on Medtech[y]

Disclaimer June 30, 2015: I was informed (but not able to verify) that the owners of the site Medtech[y] are unethical people, unknowingly written about previously on this site, whom I would not work with had their identities been originally known.  I came to know the Medtechy[y] when their name appeared on the back end of the analytics on Killing My Career (which is a tactic many unethical will do to get noticed).  The ethical approach is writing an email & introducing the company with the goals and missions while explaining the need for anonymity. 

The need for anonymity when creating a site that exposes the truth others would rather remain hidden is acceptable if owners are still employed by one of the companies they’re exposing or fear of retaliation; however, it is not acceptable to create a site under a new name to distance from previous unethical behavior.  The Sociopathic Business Model™ maintains all supporters (accomplices) eventually become victims of unethical and or illegal behavior and, while I agree with the fundamentals of the site, can no longer support their efforts until affirmative proof to the contrary is provided. It’s up to each person reading this site to make the best decisions based on all the facts. 

March 1, 2015

Apocalypse of the Healthcare Industry

This site has often written about the importance of med device and pharma industry anonymous message boards to help employees figure out when their companies are being deceptive or when the companies are engaging in unethical and or illegal behavior.  Two very common examples are EEOC violations (retaliation, racism, sexism) or off label promotion of products.  As reps most of us didn’t know the laws or what was done was illegal-we just tolerated it as the price working for a successful company.

These types of sites in the healthcare industry are the enemy to corrupt companies that would rather keep their bad behavior hidden.  There is strength in uniting victims and it’s in the company’s best interest to keep people isolated. Why do you think HR so often asks people not to discuss problems in the company? It’s not for their “internal-investigation” which is really nothing more than a massive blame shifting exercise while trying not to take accountability for any the problems the company created.


One of the sites Medtech[y] is again setting itself apart from the competition (namely) Cafépharma by expanding their scope to include patient victims of the medical and pharmaceutical industry under a tab called Patient Focus. Anyone can start an anonymous tab to start a discussion (Mesh & Hip victims).   It was noticed five months ago that some patient victims who frequent this site also started posting on Medtech[y].  One of the goals of this site, Killing My Career, is to provide patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers with facts while allowing people to apply this new information to make the best personal decisions based on those facts. The Sociopathic Business Modelhas successfully and factually exposed that injured patients and injured reps (those who write about unethical & illegal injustices on anonymous message boards) are both victims of the same company. 


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By design under The Sociopathic Business Modeleach of the victim groups (patients/employees) are given misinformation about the other as a means to manipulate and allow the abuser (Company) to continue abusing without fear of exposure of the facts. The facts which damage corporate image/profits are the last thing a corrupt company wants.  So, injured (aka angry-disgruntled) employees and injured patients uniting and sharing facts, is the apocalypse of the healthcare industry that will force accountability from the corrupt companies and create positive change for patients and employees (who are also taxpayers-and ends up footing the bill for the industry fraud).

Employees and patients do not be manipulated or bated into or remaining accomplices to the corrupt companies by fighting each other-fight your common enemy-the company that injured you both.  

Reps hear a very different story regarding injured patients from their companies (patients are money seeking or surgeon error are two common ways for a company to place blame without taking accountability) where reps are shielded from the facts because the companies don’t want reps to lose focus from selling-and if reps knew the truth-they’d question the powers that make the decisions.  Remember under The Sociopathic Business Model managers and executives do not like to be challenged at work (even if, especially if, what they’re doing is unethical and or illegal).

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Those reps that do challenge corporate information are labeled as trouble and targeted until they either quit or are fired (sound familiar?).  Reps at lower paying positons will often quit and just find another job.   Fired reps are made an example of where fear is used to motivate the rest of the reps to fall in line or suffer the same fate.  Every industry has one area that’s more specialized than others and startup device is that within the industry.  Companies know that reps who achieved that level of success, who worked years to get there who have families to support and are finally reaping the fruits of their labor (salaries over $250,000 with stock options and full benefits) will fall in line if enough fear is used to threaten their livelihood.  Any company who uses fear to motivate employees though is likely operating from The Sociopathic Business Model™.

Patients, often given misinformation from their surgeons, who were given misinformation from their reps, who were given misinformation from the companies are the most injured.  Patients, despite their best efforts, are no match for corrupt companies that employ two very skilled groups (reps/physicians) who are initially unknowingly accomplice to corporate crimes.  Companies benefit from patients hating everyone in the industry-but think about the damage patients could do if they partner with the other group of victims.

Essure Problems

Patients have many amazing support groups through websites and on Facebook but now having the ability to ask questions anonymously to those who sold their devices (possibly get vetted-fact based evidence information for their cases) is again helping putting another nail in the coffin of corporate corruption.

I have a feeling it won’t be long before Medtech[y] adds another tab to their site-for injured physicians.  And it’s not until all three groups patients, employees and physicians force accountability from the corrupt companies can we ever expect positive change and reform from device and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

There is good and bad within every organization the same can be said for patients and reps.   Extremes of either side should be ignored.  The people who are truly working towards change and exposing the truth will have to shut out those who are guzzling gallons of Kool-Aid and benefit from manipulation of the facts.

Employees and patients do not be manipulated or bated into or remaining accomplices to the corrupt companies by fighting each other-fight your common enemy-the company that injured you both.  

I do not know who owns or started Cafépharma or Medtech[y] and am not financially compensated by either company.


  • The surgical mesh trials that I attended originally sued the implanting surgeons, but dropped their names during the trial to focus on the device maker. Testimony revealed that both the sales reps and the doctors were unaware of the internal company documents that proved that company administrators knew of the adverse events and product failures but suppressed this critical information. Trial juries produced verdicts that demonstrated their understanding that there should be no more “business as usual”. Sadly, this may prompt more settlements with gag orders. What we really need is traction on criminal liability for corporate decision-makers that impose PREVENTABLE harm.

    March 1, 2015 at 7:06 pm

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