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Anonymous Industry Boards Teach Great Lessons: Don’t Take Your Business For Granted

Anonymous Industry Boards Teach Great Lessons: Don’t Take Your Business For Granted

December 11, 2014

Anonymous Industry Boards Teach Great Lessons: Don’t Take Your Business For Granted

Anonymous industry message boards are one the greatest inventions for employees and a total nightmare for companies engaging in unethical and illegal activity.   Employers state the posts are made by “angry disgruntled” employees or former employees and they’re 100 percent correct.  The problem is though the employers neglect to address the accountability problem as to why the employees are angry and disgruntled.  Read through the boards though and you’ll find out exactly why the employees are justified in their anger: discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and retaliation are among the most common reasons given.

Frequent readers of this site will also recognize those as the triggers for a Case Study for The Sociopathic Business Model™ which states that if a company is willing to ignore an employee’s rights they’re likely to engage in far greater unethical and or illegal activity.

These anonymous boards essentially are what HR should be dealing with but in reality are actively working to sweep under the rug to protect the company and not the employee.  Cafepharma , started in 2001, and the lesser known newly competing Medtech[y], started in 2013, are two such anonymous message board boards for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry and little is known about either (by design no doubt.)



Not unlike the companies Cafepharma exposed over the last 13 years for their mismanagement problems who took their employees for granted they’ve now fallen victim to the same problems.  Running unopposed as the industry leader Cafepharma did very little to stay current with the trends and innovations of website development.   Since I was made aware of the site in 2008 there haven’t been any real noticeable design changes outside of popup ads.  In short, Cafepharma took their business for granted and I’m only shocked it took this long for a competitor to come along.

The lesson here is to never take your business and those who support it for granted because eventually someone who will come along that does appreciate you’re long ignored clients or employees and it’ll likely be too little too late.

Cafepharma Redesign 

Cafepharma Redesign too little too late 12 11 2014

One of the goals of this site is help protect employees so if you know of any other anonymous boards from other industries please provide links below in the comments section (anonymously of course).

  • A new development has happened in Cafepharma’s world. We are the victims of the Davinci and Cafepharma as formally recognized us. So to has Medtechy. We family members would love for you to see and read our site. You may have already. It has over 800 posts and 58000 view, on just one thread. Record for both forums. Please come by, many of us enjoy your blog.


    March 3, 2015 at 8:02 pm

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