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100% of Proceeds From Jersey Mike’s Subs Go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, March 30

100% of Proceeds From Jersey Mike’s Subs Go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, March 30

March 23, 2016

PCH Jersey Mikes Subs

What are you doing for lunch next Wednesday, March 30th?  If you’re not sure, then may I suggest heading to any of the Phoenix Jersey Mike’s Sub shops? 100% of the proceeds collected that day go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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Craniosynostosis TX

Craniosynostosis patients require multiple surgeries from birth through early adolescences. Beyond the cosmetic of a misshapen skull, the sutures (which usually grow together naturally) are fused from birth, putting pressure in the brain.

When I worked for Stryker (then Leibinger) micro implants I sold craniofacial titanium and bioresorbable plates and screws for trauma surgery and pediatric craniofacial disorders.   If you’ve ever heard people refer to the “soft spot” on a baby’s head, what they’re really referring to is the naturally occurring unfused suture lines in a newborn skull that fuse (grow) together over time, unlike children born with craniosynostosis, who are born with their sutures lines already fused together.  Beyond the cosmetic misshapen features, the fused bone put pressure on the brain.

Side by side normal skull Coronal synostosis

Utilizing the now popular 3-D printing, scans were taken to duplicate the patient’s skull in a 3-D image which afforded the surgeons the opportunity to medically map these challenging and delicate surgeries prior to the actual surgery, which also reduced the amount of  time a newborn or child remained under anesthesia. Surgeons would create space in the patient’s skull by removing part (to allow the brain to grow properly) and stabilizing the with bioresorbable (naturally dissolve in patients over time)  plates and screws.

Craniofacial Model Skull Library

I had the honor and privilege of seeing hundreds if not thousands of life-changing surgeries during my 13-year career in medical sales, but the most memorable were those involving craniosynostosis where the changes in the physical were positively obvious as were developing personalities of these little patients who endured multiple surgeries over the span of years.  Please support Phoenix Children’s Hospital either through their Happy Faces Craniofacial Foundation or buying a sub from Jersey Mike’s Subs on Wednesday, March 30, 2016.

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