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Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients On Demand: I’m A Fat Bartender on Twitter

Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients On Demand: I’m A Fat Bartender on Twitter

May 8, 2019

Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand made false claims of defamation in a lawsuit he filed on December 22, 2015, a case I or my attorneys were not made aware of until January 12, 2017. During this time I was pathologically & anonymously harassed on a medical device industry board.

I was informed by FBI that the harassment of myself and doxxing of my parent’s home, was not related to my Johnson & Johnson Acclarent whistleblower case. Ruffino and his former Arizona attorney, State Bar of Arizona on-probation Dan Warner, ran a skip trace on me which included personal data not publicly known or easily accessed. This was the same data that was published anonymously. The purpose of the skip trace was to serve me in a lawsuit, which never happened.   The State Court of Arizona, Superior Court of Arizona and the Supreme Court of Arizona affirmed the Superior Court’s decision, that I was not properly served in the Ruffino lawsuit.

I allege that was by design. The personal information Ruffino obtained allowed him to potentially harass anonymously without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability for an article I wrote on May 21, 2015. I demonstrated his fraudulent use of national media logos in his social media branding campaigns. Ruffino later admitted in court under oath that his claims of defamation were false; and, that he was not “seen in”  these  publications.

During this lawsuit, the State Court of Arizona improperly took away my First Amendment rights and ordered that Ruffino and I could not write or harass each other online for 18 months. The suspected Ruffino authored anonymous industry message board posts, although impossible to prove, all but stopped after the judges orders in January 2017.

That was until two anonymous clone Twitter accounts were started in late December 2017 and early January 2018. If you’ve, as a non-verified Twitter user ever tried to get a clone account shut down, you’ll understand my frustration. These malicious clone accounts knowingly & willingly targeted my real followers.


These relentless, daily attacks went on for several months, causing confusion and understandable outrage from medical device victims who I’d always advocated for in the past.  Many at first, did not know they were clone accounts acting without my consent.  These accounts proceeded to harass victims and falsely claim that I no longer supported victim’s rights but instead supported corrupt companies that caused harm to victims.

The Twitter clone accounts used the same or similar mocking tones both Ruffino and or his former attorney Dan Warner used in court. Referencing my federal whistleblower efforts as being a rat or snitch. The same or similar language also previously used on the anonymous industry message board.

Using tactics straight from The Sociopathic Business Model© these accounts were designed to also insult and demean. The person or person’s who created the accounts also stalked my online career and social media accounts daily.

Rebecca Stanton of Wilenchik & Bartness, Ruffino’s current attorney, recently she and or her client read this website daily.

I often write, federally recognized whistleblower, not because I like writing it. I write it because I know it triggers criminals and their unethical attorneys to react. I’m also proud that part of my work history includes working retail, at a mall. The thing people trying to insult you seldom understand is that you have to respect someone before you can be insulted or demeaned by them. I don’t know definitively that Ruffino is responsible for this continued online harassment; and, if were just done to me, I would have let it slide. This unhinged, unstable person, knowingly and willingly decided to harm people that I care about, that changed things.

Twitter’s refusal after multiple reports from both myself and amazing followers, found the person(s) using my exact likeness and my exact name in the Twitter banners, did not meet the standards of clone accounts. I was spending half the day reporting tweets and assuring medical device victims that I was still on their side.

How someone anonymously attacks you online is great insight into their own insecurities which should be exploited as a means to force accountability to get the online harassment to stop. The insults and demeaning tactics should match the same level of maturity and intelligence in which they were lobbed.

Which is why, I knowingly and willingly chose to fight back in February 2018, when I created the fake Twitter account @Im_afatscammer or ImAFatBartender. I tagged the Attorney General of Arizona Mark Brnovich and the State Bar of Arizona, since neither he or I legally were allowed to write about each other at the time, but wanted to document why this account was created.   And that I had no fear around creating the account.


Because true to form, once a coward is called out publicly, they usually run and hide. The clone account under the name @11132tnerb that harassed me for over two months solid, decided to shut down soon after I started the Ruffino clone account. Is it conclusive? No. Is it compelling enough for a jury to infer that Ruffino started the clone accounts? Yes, yes it is.

At no time prior did I write about Russ Ruffino anonymously nor have I since, since my First Amendment rights were restored by the Superior Court of Arizona in July 2018. When I call someone a coward, criminal or parasite, like I am Russ Ruffino, I want the person to know exactly what I think of them.













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